We thought we too easily get used to our existing reality, to what’s before our eyes, and forget that growth and improvement come through doing things differently, by changing things up.In the traditional world of tennis, where the “serious” OVERGRIP style (and therefore handles for all different sports rackets) is either WHITE or BLUE, for a long time it’s been almost impossible to imagine rackets being wrapped any differently. 

Yet things can always be different. Just by adopting an “Alien’s Perspective”, by looking at things through different eyes – eyes from outer space maybe – we can rocket our tennis play up to a whole new level. 

We are the Alien Pros. We see the tennis world in a unique way and we are tired of all the WHITES and BLUES within it. At Alien Pros, we offer professional overgrips with a variety of design patterns (DESIGNER OVERGRIPS), enabling tennis players all over the world to PERSONALIZE their rackets! Welcome to a whole new world of tennis.TO: the WHITES and BLUES, we are done with you. PERSONALIZE your racket today!

Having cultivated in the overgrip field for almost 10 years, we now have product lines covering not just tennis grips/overgrips but also baseball grips/overgrips, golf grips/grip tapes, badminton grips/overgrips and bicycle handle grip tapes.


We are an international team.We are based across the world.Our differences allow us to always see things from different angles and together we deliver the most exciting products to our customers! 

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