[Blog] Baseball Hitting Skills: The Bucket Drill

Baseball Hitting Skills: The Bucket Drill

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Build rhythm and timing with this hitting drill to better your load and trigger.

Hitters use a lot of tools and drills to perfect their swing; some conventional, some not. The bucket drill can be a great exercise for building a proper load and trigger that uses equipment not thought of as a hitting tool. Former professional baseball player CJ Beatty has a few tips and tricks to get you ready for this helpful drill.


The bucket drill begins, obviously, with an empty bucket. Have your bucket flipped upside down to serve as a seat in the batter’s box. You should be able to comfortably squat into a seated position from your normal batting stance. Keep your feet roughly shoulder-width apart.

While you sit on the bucket in a ready batting stance, your coach should be slightly in front of the plate ready to deliver underhand front toss.

“Upon first movement of the coach,” Beatty says, “The hitter comes up off the bucket and gets loaded in a slow, controlled move.” Once you’re up and in a loaded batting stance, continue to track the ball in and take a healthy swing.

Don’t be discouraged if it takes a few repetitions to get the timing down. Repeating the bucket drill can help build athleticism, balance and timing, according to Beatty. This combination can help give you the best opportunity for contact every time you enter the batter’s box.

Add the bucket drill to your next batting practice routine and load up on all its potential benefits.

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