5 Badminton Exercises That Will Improve Your Performance

Source: https://getgoodatbadminton.com/different-uses-of-a-badminton-clear-that-improves-your-game

Badminton is a sport for all ages and all skill levels. Therefore, it is easy for a beginner to start with a sport like Badminton. Before that one should know about the badminton exercises you need to before/after.

During this lockdown, we have seen the love for Badminton increase by many folds. We have also published a piece on the drills you can do while staying at home.

Now that a lot of courts have opened up, most of us are waiting to get back to the game and start playing again.

But before we do that, stretching is a very important part of playing any sport as it prepares your muscles for the intense game that your body is going to play soon.

5 exercises that you must do:

#1. Agility training:

Looking to change your power and direction in a blink? Then agility exercises are a must as they help you build your reaction time to the shots of your opponent.

Ladder drills, shuttle run and reactive initiation training are a few common exercises that the Badminton players do.

#2. Flexibility Exercises:

That diving for the shuttle and turning it in any direction is all the result of flexibility exercises.

#3. Core Training:

Core exercises enhance the stability of your pelvis and hips. It also helps with balance and will improve the overall agility.

#4. Circuit training:

Circuit training builds up your endurance, which can increase the stamina spent on every session.

#5. Aerobic Training:

Aerobic exercises increase your heart rate significantly for a long period of time. A player with amazing aerobic fitness can play hard for a long period of time without getting tired.

Now that you are aware of all the exercises that you need to do before you hit the court, make sure that a proper warm-up and cool down is followed.