5 Tips That Will Improve Your Wrist Action Remarkably

Source: https://blog.playo.co/5-tips-that-will-improve-your-wrist-action-remarkably/

Thinking whether wrist action can make a significant change. Find out how improving your wrist movement will make a huge difference.

Wrist movement in badminton like most racket sports is very crucial. The wrist if utilised correctly gives extra power to the shot. The wrist can also be used in giving a deceptive look to a shot which can throw your opponent off.

Using more deception and power can give you an edge over your opponent. Hence the wrist action is very important.

But here are a few things you can do to improve your wrist action:

#1. Grip your racket correctly:

Whether it is backhand or forehand, gripping the racket correctly is very important or else the execution of your shot will not go as planned.

#2. Leave your grip to lose:

While playing, never grip the racket too tightly. Holding the racket loosely can help you get the flick action that is needed to achieve a better quality shot. Holding it too tightly won’t let you maximise your wrist power.

#3. Do wall practice:

Wall practice will help you with a lot of things including an improved wrist action. It will help you strengthen your wrist and help you with achieving good control.

#4. Do swings:

Take your racket and make swings with them of the various strokes, but continuously. For instance, you can practice the toss, lift, smash swings with your racket which will help you with getting control and power in your wrist.

#5. Wrist curls:

Take lightweight dumbbells and perform wrist curls. Start by holding the dumbbell in one hand and rotate your wrist in circles. This will help in improving your wrist strength and action.

The above will really help you improve your wrist action and the quality of your strokes will improve quite a bit. 

In Badminton, the wrist is NOT everything, but if you have a strong action it will definitely give you an edge over your opponent as you will be able to hit a more effective shot than him/her.

With a strong wrist action, a player can benefit a lot. This is because with strong wrist action, a player can have many variations to the basic strokes ( toss, drop, net kill and lifts). He/she can choose to flick his/her wrist at the last moment creating a shot that will put their opponent off balance.

In badminton having variation is very essential as if you play the same strokes and shots again and again, then your opponent will have a good reading of your game.

This is where your wrist action plays a very important role. It enables you to create variations while playing which will keep your opponent guessing and on his/her toes.