6 Excercises for Faster Running in Baseball

Source: https://www.batsfinder.com/exercises-that-help-you-run-faster-in-baseball/

Speed is a highly valued commodity in any sport. Championships have been won by teams who have players that can perform like the speed of light. In the game of bat and ball, a fast player can intimidate even the toughest opponents.

Batting or throwing skills are essential skills in the ganme of baseball, yet a player that is as fast as a jaguar can win games and earn a spot as a runner in any roster.

Consistent performance of a comprehensive and supplemental workout can hugely improve an athlete’s speed, thus resulting in an explosive performance.

In order to progress in a functional way, a player needs to focus in a speed training regimen that should be followed rigorously. Listed below are just a few basic exercises that an athlete should follow.

When sprinting, a well maintained and stiff torso is essential in maintaining a strong core and an ability that can tremendously impact a player’s sprinting speed.


In a plank position, put your hands right under your nose. Lift your foot off the ground one at a time and extend your hip. Contract your glute and move your hip. Tighten your core. Slowly and softly put your foot back on the ground. Repeat 3 sets about 10 to 15 times on each side and make sure to alternate your legs.

It is essential not just in the game, but even in practices that a player run in full speed every time. Quickly and efficiently moving from one base to another as if a player is flying is what running speed is all about.


Carry a 14 pound medicine ball. As fast as you can, move your feet back and forth. Slam the medicine ball away from your lead foot as your coach cues either ‘left “or “right”. Depending on your coach’s cue, slam the ball either “left” or “right” then sprint in the opposite direction.

Turning and sprinting will teach and enhance the player’s skill in applying more force while slamming the ground. This exercise will improve a player’s foot speed, footwork skills and quickness.

Catching a fly ball is one of the game changing skills every baseball player should focus on. The question is, how can you catch the ball if you can’t even go near it? Speed is the secret ingredient every baseball player should know about.


Hop on a sled, drag yourself by grabbing a harness and just continuously drag yourself as you continuously move your hand. Lean slightly forward. With the balls of your feet, start striking the ground as if you are marching. Pump your knees as you bend your hands. This will hugely affect the player’s sprinting skills.


An athlete needs to mimic the speed that he does need in his choice of sport. In the case of bat and ball, the focus is on taking off. Most of the time, players can get a huge deal of speed after a dead stop.

Replicating quick moments like this are a player’s best choice in making sure that he can achieve optimum speed. Sprinting lines and quick direction changes increase cardiovascular endurance.


A good foundation training will enable a player to prepare himself physically before exerting more energy in skill building exercises. An athlete needs to be physically agile as he increases physical preparation.

Foundation training includes pushups, squats, lunges, pull ups and walking. Finding solutions for muscular imbalance is also a vital in foundation building.


Start by jogging in place. Jog in place for about 3 to 5 minutes. Lift your you knee up as well as heel and toes as you cycle your legs alternately. The key to propelling for a better acceleration is stepping down the ground.

Next, alternate both legs. According to Joggingaddiction.com, half of the running part should be the lifting. Once your leg gets used to this, you can do this twice. It is vital that you maintain your core while your tummy should be sucked in.

In conclusion

A player should always take care of his body as he slowly perfect his skills. Remember that in the real world, there is no room for errors. An error might cost you the championship. should be no D it should be ring off season, when you feel like giving up or just being lazy, remember that the time and effort you exert is an investment.

An investment that will help you as a player come season time. Speed is a vital skill that can be perfected when you put your heart and soul into it. With proper training and dedication, having a speed that can be as fast as the ray of light is a commodity worth spending your time into.