6 Tips For Playing Baseball In Hot Weather 

Source: https://www.batsfinder.com/tips-for-playing-baseball-in-hot-weather/

Baseball is usually a summer sport which means that if you play baseball, the chances are that most of your games will fall in the summer season. And many of these may take place in hot weather. So you should ready yourself to stand the high temperatures.

Here are some helpful tips which will help you play baseball in hot weather without losing any of your prowess on the field.

Physical Fitness is very important

Physical fitness is one of the most important factors for a baseball player. Apart from the fact that it gives you an incredible edge on the field, it also helps you endure through extreme weather conditions.

If you have diligently trained your body and mind through exercises on a regular basis, your body and mind will be ready to stand hot weather far better than other players. So make fitness exercises a part of your daily drill.

Dress Right

If you are going to play in hot weather, you have to dress accordingly. When it comes to your baseball uniform, there are things you can control and things you can’t. For instance, you will have to don on the team uniform one way or the other.

If the uniform comprises of light material, that’s good. Even if the uniform is not so weather-friendly, you can make some adjustments. For instance, you can wear a soft undershirt that will soak the sweat and keep you comfortable through the game.

Another standard precaution is that you should apply a quality sunscreen on all the exposed parts of your skin before playing in hot weather.

Be Well Hydrated

Most often, the hot weather starts to affect baseball players when they are not sufficiently hydrated. Staying well-hydrated is the key to surviving on the field during high temperatures. Again, you have to make it a part of your lifestyle to keep your body well hydrated.

Especially if you have a scheduled game, drink plenty of fluids 1 to 2 hours before the game. Avoid caffeinated drinks because they tend to dehydrate the body. A part of staying hydrated is also that you have a healthy and wholesome meal before the game so that your body will have enough strength.

During the game, drink water during every innings. Once on the field, your body rapidly consumes this water, so you could constantly replenish your body at every chance you get. Typically, if you can manage, taking a few sips of water every 10 minutes while on the field will help you stay active and hydrated.

Warm Up in the Shade

During the game, you will be required to be available on the field through most of the time. Still, sit down, take a break and if possible, get out of the sun whenever it is possible. Do not over-exert your body. A small break in the shade now and then will greatly help your body stay strong throughout the game. If you can’t get out of the sun too often, have a wet towel handy. Dab it on your face and other parts of the exposed skin to keep down body surface temperature.

Do not over-exert

If you are going to play in hot weather, you should learn the art of playing smart. This means that you should find the balance between hustling and relaxing. Know when you need to be quick on the field and when you don’t need to exert yourself. Strike a good balance between the two. That will not only help you stay cool during the hot weather; it will also help you be more efficient as a player.

Know the symptoms of fatigue

If you follow the tips provided above, you will be able to ward off the heat during summer baseball games. However, you should also heed your body. If you start feeling dizzy or get any muscle cramps, these are symptoms that fatigue is setting in. Headaches are also a common symptom of fatigue.

When you sense any of these symptoms setting in, give yourself a break. If you give yourself such a break at the right time, you will be able to recover in no time. Sit down, get in the shade if possible, drink some water and stop exerting for a few minutes. If the symptoms persist, you should immediately take yourself out of the game. Your health is the top priority here and you must tend to your body before you tend to the game.

As mentioned above, if you heed the symptoms soon, you will be able to recover soon. But if you keep playing despite the fatigue symptoms, this can cause more damage to your health and the recovery time will be consequently longer.

At the end of the day, your health is your fundamental strength. If you are healthy and fit, you will be an effective player. But if you don’t heed your health, especially in hot weather, this will impact your fitness and your performance. The old saying remains true: a stitch in time saves nine.