Advanced Badminton Drop Shot


This page offers you advice on the advanced badminton drop shot.

Before you learn this technique, have you mastered your basic badminton drop shot? You must be familiar with the basic badminton drop technique before you learn the advanced skills here.

Right here, I’ll introduce the cross court badminton drop shot and jumping drop shot.

Cross Court Badminton Drop Shot

A cross court drop shot simply means hitting a drop shot diagonally across the court. In the picture above, a cross court badminton drop will have the shuttle landing at X.

The next question is how you can make the shuttle land on X (before the service line). A good cross-court drop shot should fly just above the net.

Rather than hitting the shuttle with the centre of your racquet, the KEY is to use a technique called slicing. This skill is difficult to master.

The stroke for this shot is similar to the badminton drop shot. The difference is that you should:

Tilt your racquet head slightly, facing diagonally across the court.

Then swing forward lightly so that your racquet slices the shuttle.

What I’ve just said is just an indication of how to do a cross court badminton drop shot.

You have to figure out to what extent you tilt your racquet head and how much strength to exert in order for the shuttle to travel right above the net and land at point X.

This advanced badminton drop shot is as a strong offensive shot, at the same time is used as a solid defensive shot.

If executed perfectly, there’s a high chance that you’ll be able to disrupt your opponent’s footwork.

This requires a lot of practice. If you can’t execute this technique well, review your badminton basics. Yes, to master this technique, you have to be familiar with the basics.

Jumping Drop Shot

A jumping badminton drop shot has 2 purposes:

1) Create a steeper angle

2) Deceive your opponent

There’s nothing special about this technique. It’s similar to the basic badminton drop shot. The biggest challenge is to direct the shuttle just above the net when you jump and hit the shuttle at its highest point.


Here are the steps:

1) Jump high in the air

2) Racquet head should make contact with the shuttle at the HIGHEST point

3) Follow-through with your swing

The jumping drop shot is a good way to deceive your opponent. Make your opponent believe that you’re going to do a jump smash. Then, execute the drop shot to the very front of the court.

Your opponent will probably not be ready to retrieve your drop shot if he expects a jump smash from you.