Does Badminton Help Lose Weight?


Nowadays, everybody wants to be slim and have good body shape, but not everybody likes to go to the gym. But, does badminton help lose weight? In the following write-up, we will discuss how badminton is a good sport for weight loss and becoming healthy.

Does Badminton Help Losing Weight?

Yes, absolutely. Nowadays, badminton has become a popular game among people of all ages. Badminton is a fun and easy game to play indoors or outdoors. Badminton is one of the best sports to lose weight and to get in perfect shape. The aim of weight loss can be achieved by playing badminton a couple of times in a week.

What are the Health Benefits of Badminton?

Following are some of the health benefits of badminton that make you quit your expensive gym sessions, clubs and reduce weight in a fun and productive manner:

1. Easy Way to Reduce Weight:

Badminton can reduce up to 480 calories a day. If you get into the habit of playing badminton daily, you can reduce up to 4 kgs in a month. While playing badminton, every muscle in the body is used and helps in burning the calories.

It is a type of cardiovascular workout and a good alternative for cross-training exercise. Running for the same amount of time can only burn half the calories of playing badminton.

2. Maintain and Tone Muscles:

Playing badminton is a mini-figure toning exercise. If you want to lose your flabby waist, then playing for half an hour daily is a must. Either a smash or a drop, every shot in badminton is excellent for your calves, hamstrings, butt, and quads. You will get a workout for your core muscles: arm and back muscles as well.

3. Improves Metabolism:

Heavy sweating can make your body leave toxins and make you feel light. Badminton helps in improving cardio-pulmonary functions, which means playing makes your body habitual of sweating naturally. If you have proper metabolism, then it is easy to lose weight quickly.

4. Enhance Mental Ability:

Playing badminton enhances your reflexes, intelligence, and productivity. The sport makes you more agile and develops the strength to overcome physical stress. It makes you alert and helps you to concentrate on the work in hand.

5. Ideal Heart Function:

Badminton prevents the walls of the heart from getting clogged by the high level of cholesterol and strengthens the heart muscles. People having pre-existing heart conditions can also be benefitted by playing badminton under medical supervision.

6. Increases Bone Density:

Playing badminton strengthens the physical appearance by accumulating calcium-matrix and increases the growth of cells that helps in the formation of bones in your body.

7. Decreases the Chances of Diabetes:

Playing badminton helps in enough physical activity that reduces blood sugar levels. It helps in reducing the production of sugar by the liver and fasting blood sugar.

8. Cure for Hypertension:

Playing badminton lowers the blood pressure and helps in curing the drug’s addictive properties. It helps in reducing hypertension without any medical prescriptions.

9. Improves the Functioning of Lungs:

Playing badminton can improve the functioning of the lungs significantly. It helps you to reduce the dependence of nasal-sprays for snoring while sleeping.

10. Mobility:

With the increasing age, movement becomes limited. To stay active physical activity is a must. Badminton helps to stay active and keep you moving and increases lubricity in your joints. It prevents you from arthritis and other similar diseases.

How Can Playing Badminton Help in Losing Weight?

Go through some of the factors that help in losing while playing badminton.

1. Physical Training:

Badminton is the fast-moving game where you have to cover the whole area of the court. In single rallies, there are a lot of sharp and explosive movements where you have to move fast to make a shot. The sport is engaged with high-intensity interval training that makes it useful for fat-burning.

Badminton is a full-body exercise that needs a lot of effort. Practicing the sport will increase your gameplay as well as your fat-burning capabilities. You can burn 300 calories an hour if you play casually. Professional players play at a faster pace with the increase in intensity and burn 500 calories an hour.

2. Makes You Thirsty:

Playing badminton will make you keep sweating and thirsty very quickly. Drinking water is a must for losing weight activity as it boosts your metabolism, cleanse your body by sweating, and helps you feel less hungry. The drinking more water prevents your body from dehydration and shed the water weight. Drinking natural water instead of sugary drinks will help you in reducing calories.

3. Make your Heart Pumping:

Badminton is an intense sport with a lot of sudden movements and agility. It is essential to keep your heart healthy with your growing age. The heart muscle also needs to be exercised daily, like any other muscle in your body. The fat-burning zone is the heart rate, where you burn the maximum calories.

4. Fun:

It is essential to have fun in whatever you are doing. If you are not enjoying going to the gym but like to do some other physical activity, then badminton can be one of them. The routine of playing badminton can make you lose weight with great interest. Badminton is the exercise for those who try to make changes in the short spaces of time. You exercise this game in the delight of winning and stay healthy as well.

Final Thoughts

Badminton is the most participated acrobatic game in the world. But, does badminton help lose weight? Yes, it is a sport that helps you in losing weight and body fat. If you are struggling with weight issues, playing badminton can unlock your confidence.

There are many health benefits of playing badminton like increases your heart rate, stretches your muscles, burns the belly fat, reduces the blood sugar level, improves cardiovascular fitness, increases bone strength, the good cholesterol in your body, and many more.