Good Ball Strikers Do These Two Things


Good ball strikers do two things consistently in the full swing.

No. 1, they have good extension.

Take a good look at Photo, and look at my right arm. It almost looks as though it’s “chasing” after the ball down the target line.

Look at how fully extended my arms are. Poor strikers of the ball lack this look. I’ll always remember the great Johnny Miller, saying he felt like he chased the clubhead after the ball down the target line. And the legendary Sam Snead used the exact same terminology. Try and copy the long right arm that you see in the photo.

No. 2, they close the club face at and after impact.

Think about it: Ninety percent of golfers slice. That’s a lot. And it means they’re leaving that club face wide open at impact. This is more of a swing thought than an actual action, but it reaps huge benefits.

What you want to feel is that you’re “wrapping” the toe of the club around the ball at and just after impact, as I’m demonstrating in Photo 2. It’s a FEEL — technically it doesn’t really happen, but the feel, the idea in your head, is powerful.

I have seen this tip assist more open face slicers than just about any “feel” tip out there. Most slicers feel as though the heel is leading into impact, and indeed the face is wide open. I’m showing this flaw in Photo 3.

By suggesting a feel that the toe of the club wraps around the ball, they immediately begin to release the club more effectively.

So, make sure to release the golf club, again so the toe of the club feels like it “wraps around” the ball.

I’m confident this will assist all golfers to be a good ball strikers!