Gripping Techniques for holding a Badminton Racket Properly


Are you new to the game of badminton? Want to become a professional player? Know the right way of holding a badminton racket. Learn badminton gripping techniques to become a master of the game. Understand the difference between forehand grip & backhand grip. Get ready to play like a pro.

No matter the reason for playing badminton, learn the skills to avoid injuries and become a better player. You may be a natural at hitting powerful shots but with the right gripping technique, you will be able to take your game to the next level.

Let’s start with Basics!

1. You must know that every racket handle is octagonal in shape. The 8 sides of the handle are called bevels and they allow you to grip the racket properly.

2. You must never hold the racket tightly. It will prevent you from changing your grip. You should tighten your hold only when you are about to hit the shuttlecock.

3. Never hold the handle of the racket in your palm. Use your fingers for it.

4. Hold the racket in such a way that end of your palm is at the base of the handle. It will allow you to play your shots with more power.

Learning the Badminton Gripping Technique

Before you begin learning about the specific grips, you must know how to hold a racket in the correct position. Holding a badminton racket is simply like a handshake. Hold the racket as if you are shaking your friend’s hand. Now, let’s talk about the details: Where should you place your thumb? What about the other fingers?

1. Forehand Grip

Your badminton racket handle will have two wide parts that are in line with face of the racket. Lightly press your index finger over one of the wider surfaces and hold the racket with rest of the fingers. You can adjust the thumb anywhere near the wider surfaces to create a V-shape between the thumb and the index finger. Remember that you can adjust the fingers according to your comfort but the index finger should be in the controlling position to push the racket.

2. Backhand Grip

When it comes to the backhand grip, the thumb becomes important. While playing a backhand shot, you have to place the thumb on one of the wider surfaces of the handle and push the index finger slightly towards the middle finger. Simply speaking, the backhand grip resembles a ‘thumbs up’ action.

Practice Makes Perfect

It is quite possible that you may get confused between the different gripping techniques. But, as you practice, you will be able to switch between the grips easily. Also, it is not necessary to use the two common gripping techniques only. Experiment with different styles and find your ideal way of gripping the handle and ensure powerful, quick shots every time.