How to Create a Load?


Get into a groove and begin to develop your load. Practicing good load mechanics with your batting routine could help add pop to your swing and some better connection between bat and ball.

Hitting is all about timing, and timing up a pitch begins when you start to load your swing. To get some momentum, you’ll want to rock backward slightly in order to shift your weight forward to attack the baseball.

From your athletic batting stance, rock your hands back toward the umpire while also lifting your front foot to begin your stride. This should be a smooth, relaxed motion, but loading up like this will help you add some force to your swing when you put the barrel on the ball.

One drill to work on loading your swing is known as the rhythm drill. Get into your batting stance, lock your wrists to start some movement with your bat over the plate and then go immediately into your swing. You can also do this drill with a tee and ball to simulate contact. This drill is a great way to build rhythm and get that feeling of loading up to hit.

Another drill to try is the walk-up drill. Start in the back of the batter’s box, then cross step toward the plate, leading with your back foot. Begin to load your swing as you bring your front foot forward again, then finish with your follow-through. This drill gets you moving your feet and upper body together to create the fluidity and rhythm you should have in your swing. Just like with the rhythm drill, you can progress the drill by adding in a tee and ball.

Combining these two drills can help ensure that you are loading your swing properly and getting the most out of your at-bat.