How to Perform a Sacrifice Bunt?


A well-run sacrifice bunt can potentially be the difference in a game. Know how to correctly perform this feat with help below.

It’s important to remember that the sacrifice bunt is just that — a sacrifice. You are trading an out in order to advance baserunners and help your team. The first thing you need to do when you get the bunt sign is to have the right unselfish attitude. Once you are ready to help the team and take the right approach, you need to execute using proper mechanics.

From your stance, pivot and turn your chest towards the pitcher. Bend your knees to get in a low, athletic position. Your weight should be toward your front foot with the bat out in front of your body and the plate. By putting the bat in fair territory you increase your chances of bunting the ball cleanly.

The angle of the bat should be set early to determine which direction you’re bunting the ball. If you point the barrel of the bat toward the first base coach, you will bunt the ball toward the first base side. If you point the barrel of the bat toward the third base coach, you will bunt the ball toward the third base side.

Another bunting technique is to move from your stance into a 45-degree angle with your feet. Your front foot should open up, stepping 45 degrees away from the pitcher. You will sink back with your weight on your back leg, knees bent and your body position low. Keep your bat flat and angle it toward first or third base. Some hitters may find more consistency with this technique. Practice each and determine which is best for you.

Either way, you want to let the baseball come into the zone and make contact. You shouldn’t jab at the baseball, but instead receive it so that it rolls slowly in the right direction. This will force the defense to come in and field the baseball, allowing the baserunner(s) to advance.

Having the right attitude and executing a proper sacrifice bunt can lead to more offensive opportunities, which may be the difference between a win or loss for your team.