Stay Safe on the Field with these 8 Baseball Protective Gears


Baseball is fun but it has one of the top impact injury rates when compared with other sports.

This game includes wild pitches, collisions, and batted balls that could lead to severe injuries.

Baseball is played with very few equipment that are one ball and one bat with gloves but the list of protective gears is extensive.

The 8 Protective Gears that Baseball Players should wear

A game doesn’t remain the same when a player gets injured. It is the need of the player to completely get ready before entering the field.

From the head to toe, there are different parts of the body that requires extra attention when it comes to protection.

Here are 8 must-have protective gears for baseball players that increase the game fun by reducing the injuries.

1. Batter helmet

The helmet is the protective gear that keeps your head safe from injury in the game.

In baseball, there is a chance that a pitcher can throw the ball at the speed of 100 miles per hour which can lead to severe head injury.

A player must wear a baseball helmet when it is the time to bat or running at the bases.

The player who is also waiting to bat should wear this protective gear because after hitting the bat where the balls go, no one could predict.

It has proven by scientific researches that wearing a batting helmet reduces the head injuries greatly during a baseball game.

Things to check

Before wearing the helmet in the field during the game, there are certain factors to check:

1) The helmet should fit correctly the wrong size will only increase the trouble for the player

2) If it has a face guard or any eyeshield, it should be perfectly attached to the helmet.

3) The helmet should be in good condition and the chin strap should be fastened to keep the helmet in the place

2. Catcher’s helmet

Catcher’s helmet is as important for the Catcher as his own position in the game. After the batter, the catcher is the target of the pitcher.

When the ball misses the batter, the catcher receives it. It makes the catcher as prone to the batter to get the head injury.

Catcher’s head protection gear is also available as catcher’s mask. It protects the face and both sides of the head.

Catcher’s helmets are usually similar as worn by ice hockey goaltenders but depending on the choice of the player, they are also like hockey-style helmets.

3. Sunglasses

Eyes protection is necessary during the game. It is the top need of the player who wears glasses that the lens of the glass should be of high quality.

It should meet all the safety standards so that at the time of contact with the ball, the glass does not break that might lead to injury.

4. Chest protector

Chest cavity of the body is highly sensitive towards injuries. A simple hit could turn into a life-threatening problem.

For that purpose, it is recommended for the safety of the players that they should wear a full-length chest protector to avoid any trouble.

After head injuries, players tend to get more impact on the chest in baseball.

Things to Consider: It should be of full length with the high quality material.

5. Elbow guard

Elbow is another important part of the body that needs to be protected while playing baseball. According to research, most of the baseball injuries are the noncontact injuries to the dominant arms.

But the number has been increasing day by day. Many people are injuring the arm and the elbow during the game.

An elbow guard can save the player from unwanted injuries when a player dives. Most of the injuries are due to the pitching style.


There are certain things to consider when buying an elbow guard:

1) It should remain comfortable on hands

2) Not too tight or not too loose

3) High-quality production

4) It mustn’t hinder the movement of the hands

6. Leg Guard

Like other parts of the body, legs also require protection especially the fragile bones that hurt a lot when coming in contact with the ball.

Leg guards aid in the safety of shin, knees, and ankle.


As leg movement is essential in playing baseball, it is necessary that the leg guard fits perfectly so it feels comfortable.

Also, select a guard that doesn’t impact the movement in any way.

It should be an ideal fit so it doesn’t hinder the mobility of the leg during the gameplay.

7. Protective Cups or Baseball Cups

Protective cups help in keeping the groin area safe during the game. These cups are cushioned from inside to take the toughest impact of the ball without hurting the internal organs.

Most cups are of banana-shaped for better adjustment. These cups have the supporters that keep the equipment in position during the whole gameplay.

Things to look:

Different sizes are available and the one to be used should perfectly fit the male genitals.

Cushioning of this equipment plays an important role, thus use the high-standard cup that can lower the impact when comes in contact with the ball.

8. Sliding Pants

To add extra cushion during the gameplay, baseball players usually wear sliding shorts or pants under their playing clothes.

Though it is not the requirement to wear the sliding pants, it can help in providing protection against soft tissues injuries, abrasion, and bruises.

When the pants are padded internally, it offers great protection to the thighs and surrounding parts.


Keeping the body parts safe during the gameplay allows the player to perform better. The use of the protective gears gives the sense of safety to the player while playing and thus increases the confidence necessary to win the game.