String it Strong: Tips for Restringing your Badminton Racket


Do you feel that your shots are losing control? Are you unable to hit the shuttlecock like you used to do in the past? Well, the problem may not be your skill but the strings. As a badminton player, you need to make peace with the phenomenon of reduced string tension. If you are playing regularly, you may need to restring your racket every three months or less.

What are the Reasons for Restringing the Racket?

Broken strings are not the only logic behind restringing your badminton racket. There are many reasons that can compel you to restring the racket.

>> Take care of loose strings that make your shots clumsy.

>> Customize the feel of the racket depending on your improved playing skills.

>> Restringing the racket results in a smaller sweet spot. For intermediate and advanced players, a smaller spot allows them to control shots and play the game with better control.

Essential Badminton Restringing Tips to follow!

1. Inspect your Racket

Whether you choose to restring the racket or hire a professional to do the job for you, racket inspection cannot be ignored. If any part of the frame is damaged or collapsed, it is best to buy a new racket. Many players get caught in the dilemma of whether or not to buy a new racket. Avoid the confusion of choosing between restringing the racket and replacing it by understanding your needs. If your skills have evolved, buy a new racket.

2. What kind of String do you want?

In the olden days, it was common to use natural string made from the gut of animals. However, for ethical reasons and convenience, today’s players prefer synthetic strings. You will find a wide range of badminton racket strings with different features to satisfy your needs.

The basic three type of strings depend on the core material. It is the key load-bearing element that determines the power of the string. It is covered by a jacket that builds texture and offers a protective surface.

Monofilament – It comes with a single core made up of heavy fiber. The string is usually stiff and offers better control. As it is built with the same gauge, it does not break easily but can become loose over time.

Multifilament – When several fibers are twisted, it is called a multifilament string. It offers more flexibility and power to the player. If you play regularly and break the string constantly, choose this option.

Microfilament – Its core is made up of different fibers but they are even slimmer than multifilament string. It has great stretch-ability. The thinner string results in reduced wind resistance. It means you can hit the shots faster.

Nowadays, multifilament strings are the most common. They offer a balance of power, control, comfort and durability. You can find a wide range of multifilament racket strings from world-leader Yonex. For example, Yonex BG-80 Power string is built with nylon multifilament and it delivers a solid, powerful feel. If you are more of a control player, Yonex Nanogy 99 badminton string will let you maneuver shots in a better way.

3. Decide on the String Tension

We now know that it is not always better to opt for higher string tension. Most beginners and intermediate players can perform well with a string tension lower than 24lbs. If you need a larger sweet spot, go for lower tension. If you want more control over the shuttlecock, higher string tension is recommended.

When it comes to determining the ideal string type and string tension, it all depends on your preference and level of skill. So, consider different rackets and then chose one that delivers the best shots.

Pro or on your Own: What should you choose?

Now, you can restring the racket on your own. It doesn’t require a large number of tools. A pair of pliers and scissors are enough for the job. But you need to know whether you want to go for a single piece of string or two. Usually, it doesn’t lead to much difference in performance although if you have a preference, it is better to string the racket according to your choice. Also, check whether the grommets are broken.

If you want to avoid the task and seek an expert, you will find many online badminton restringing services near you. Professional stringers use electronic stringing machine to give you a perfect finish and better performance on the court.