The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made by Most Tennis Players


Mistakes are commonplace in tennis. How else could we win a match without our opponent making a mistake? That would be simply impossible. Even professional players make mistakes on a regular basis, that’s quite normal.

Most of the time we are so engrossed in the rally that we don’t even notice our mistakes. But they often decide whether we win or lose. Surprisingly, it is always the same mistakes that tennis players make.

The bad news here is that you may have lost some matches in the past because of these mistakes. The good news is that you can fix them and become a more successful player.

Which 3 mistakes these are exactly and how to avoid them, you will learn now.

1. You are Hitting the Ball too Low

Do you also know the days when the net feels like it is stretched three feet higher and you can’t get a ball over the net? It is extremely frustrating when you are in the middle of a rally and hit the ball into the net.

This mistake even has a double disadvantage for you. First of all, you lose the point, of course . The worst thing is that your opponent does not even have to run to the ball to win the point. This gives your opponent valuable energy for the next rallies.

At least give the ball a chance to go over the net, whether it lands in the court or out of bounds.

In general, there are two reasons why you hit the ball too low over the net. One is because you let the ball drop too much. From there, it is very difficult to get the ball in an upward movement. Overall, you should hit the ball at least at hip height, not below.

The other reason is that you are not hitting the ball in an upward movement, but simply following through in a flat motion. Even if you have a quick forehand or backhand, the ball will never fly horizontally to the opponent. Gravity will pull the ball slightly downwards each time.

Therefore, you should look to follow through the racket from bottom to top. The ball will then automatically fly higher over the net. In this way, you avoid the risk of hitting the ball into the net.

2. You are Late on Your Groundstrokes

Does it seem to you that you do not have enough time to finish your shots? Or do you have the feeling that you will be put in a supine position when you hit the ball? Then the timing is not right for you.

Basically, hitting the ball too late is one of the most common mistakes in tennis. It leads to a significant decrease in the quality of your groundstrokes. This can be seen in the lack control. Instead of being able to place the balls in the right place, they fly uncontrolled over the net.

It is also not possible for you to swing the racket completely because you hit the ball to the side of your body. This means that you cannot hit the ball with the necessary speed, so your shots get too short.

Furthermore, this unnatural movement puts a lot of strain on your arm. During the stroke movement, your muscles tense up because you hold your arm very close to your body. In the worst case, you could sustain an injury.

In order to prevent this from happening, you should prepare your shot early enough. Start the backswing when the ball is still in the air and not after it has bounced off the ground.

The earlier you swing your racket backwards, the more time you have to swing the racket. Make sure you hit the ball in front of your body so that you can accelerate your racket in time.

3. You are Neglecting Your Footwork

Does your opponent let you run from one corner to the other? Are you no longer able to follow the balls? In this case, you should think about your footwork.

In general, a lack of footwork is the third big mistake in tennis. It is the most important element for getting the highest possible speed and agility on the court.

Without the right footwork, you won’t be able to cover your entire court. For this reason, you can’t get yourself in position for the next shot. As a result, you either hit the balls uncontrollably or can’t reach them at all.

The second disadvantage is that you lose a lot of energy over time. This is not only because you rush from ball to ball. Footwork also plays an important role in the movement of each stroke.

If you do not bend your knees and transfer your weight, you will not be able to use your swing effectively. As a result, you will have to use more of your own energy for the shot.

In summary, you should make sure that you always split step before the stroke. This step will increase your reaction time considerably. Don’t stop at one point, but move dynamically back to the middle of the court. This is the best position to cover the whole court.

Also think about a stable stance during the stroke movement for better ball control. Use your legs and your body weight to make your shots more energy-efficient.

If you are aware of these 3 tennis mistakes and you correct them, you will be able to improve your skills on the court and win more points.