The Second Base Double Play Underhand Feed


Starting a double play as a second baseman can be difficult. After all, you don’t have the time to turn your body for a full toss to the base. That’s why practicing your underhand feed is critical to turning two from this side of the bag.


As with any ground ball in the infield, try to charge the play if possible. Your feet leading into your fielding position should go left foot, right foot in order to create some momentum toward the bag. Secure the baseball out in front of your body and make a clean exchange from your glove to your bare hand.

Next, according to former professional baseball player Steve Bernhardt, “Clear the glove out of the line of vision of the shortstop. Keep the ball in front of your body and feed it to the shortstop underhand with a stiff wrist, using your legs and momentum.”

After releasing the ball, let your inertia carry you through your target by crossing over and continuing toward the base. Aim to give your teammate a clean toss in their chest area. You want your underhand feed to be firm, but easily handled.

Second basemen can benefit from using the underhand double play feed on balls hit up the middle, as well as routine ground balls close enough to the bag.

Follow these baseball Pro Tips and shut down advancing baserunners with this simple, effective double play feed.

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