What Is The Pivot Point
In The Golf Swing ?

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The golf swing is a complex array of twisting, rotating and occasionally thrusting muscle groups and joints, each of which could be referred to as a pivot.

To break the swing down into manageable chunks, we can divide the back swing and the through swing into two main pivot points. These pivot points are the hips. A pivot is the central point, pin, or shaft on which a mechanism turns or oscillates. In the back swing, the body turns around the right hip, and in the down swing the body turns around the left hip (for a right handed golfer).

The back swing works in a sequence of movements in order of the hands, arms, shoulders, torso and finally, the hips. This kinetic sequence reverses itself during the down swing when the hips lead followed by the torso, shoulders, arms and then the hands.

To use the thought of pivoting from each hip during the swing can be extremely useful and concentrates the mind on rotating around a single point rather than several.

Here is how you can practice pivoting during the swing:

1. Take a solid set up and posture at address, correctly aligning yourself to the target.

2. During the back swing, follow the conventional kinetic sequence of the hands, arms, shoulders, torso and hips.

3. During the back swing, however, feel like the body weight is making a very slight lateral movement on to the right leg. This is only very slight and should not be confused with a large movement or sway.

4. This lateral movement should place the weight into the right hip which doesn't move away laterally from the ball but begins to turn very slightly.

5. Be careful the right hip doesn't turn back too much. From this slightly rotated position, the rest of the body can now begin to turn and pivot around the right hip.

6. As you turn to the top of the swing, the body has pivoted around the right hip and is coiled ready to release into the ball.

7. Now it's time to pivot with the left hip. Follow the kinetic sequence of hips, torso, shoulders, arms and hands. This time, turn into the left hip which again rotates around the body.

8. Turn into the left hip with the same slight lateral movement and pivot and rotate around that point.

9. By using the two hips in this way, you should be able to deliver a great deal of punch and power into the shot.

Thinking of the hips as pivots is not an easy concept to understand at first. However, with practice it can become a very useful way of picturing and feeling the swing.