What it Takes to Play at the Next Level

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There’s always an end goal for baseball players. For some, that might be as simple as making their varsity roster. For others, their ambitions might be set on receiving a scholarship to continue playing the game they love. Some might even aspire to play professionally.

However, all these hopes begin with understanding what it takes to play at the next level. Discover how you can achieve the goals you set for yourself with these baseball tips.


Baseball prospects aspiring to take that first step to the next level of competition first need to understand the necessary workload. Playing at the next level, wherever that may be, requires sacrifice. Former professional baseball player CJ Beatty says those sacrifices need to be addressed upfront.

“So many kids these days on social media talk about them being, ‘The next superstar,’ but they don’t understand the sacrifices that [go] into getting to those levels,” he says. “It’s inevitable. You have to make sacrifices along the way. And it’s okay to be a kid. It’s okay to want to have fun off the field, but at the end of the day, when you’re at practice, when those lights come on, it’s a different mindset.”

If you truly want to progress your game to continue playing, you need to consider your goals. What are you willing to give up in order to buy into those bigger dreams? What is most important to you? If baseball is your focus, how can you structure your schedule to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed?


Once you commit yourself to reaching those ambitions, it’s time to go to work. Taking your baseball practices seriously and putting in the necessary time can help you in your journey. Do whatever you think is needed to grab that scout’s attention or to improve your recruiting profile.

“If it’s extra swings, I have to take it. Why? Because those are the sacrifices that I need to make to secure my spot,” Beatty says. “Those are the sacrifices that have to be made. There’s no shortcuts to success.”

Working toward your goals can also influence your time away from the field. Utilize your free time to get in extra reps or improve your physical skill set. A run around your neighborhood or a training session in the weight room could be the key to getting your body ready for the next level. Beatty also gives the example of changing your diet. A car cannot run without the proper fuel. Consider your diet and if there’s room for improvement to help you stay healthy and working toward your aspirations.


It’s important to understand that not every baseball player lands on their goals at the same time. Don’t fret if you realize you haven’t been taking your game as seriously as you should. However, once you do come to this realization, you need to be committed to your cause. Those roster spots aren’t given; they’re earned. Take the right steps in your training and start progressing from day one.

Playing at the next level can be a great goal to set as a baseball player. With these Pro Tips, make the necessary adjustments so you can reap the rewards in the future.