Why do Badminton rackets break?

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Badminton is a fast-paced game where players need to be extremely alert and quick in their reactions. As Badminton is played with a shuttlecock which is light, the rackets used in Badminton are light too.

Buying a good racket costs money. One would want that their rackets last long and deliver in performance.

However, if we don’t take proper care of our Badminton racket, it can get damaged easily. Besides not maintaining your Badminton racket well, there are a few other reasons as to why Badminton rackets break.

You may have been in a situation where suddenly your racket breaks or you realise is damaged. Well, there are a few reasons why this happens.

Why Badminton rackets break:

1.String tension is too high :

Every racket comes with a range of tension that it can bear. If you go beyond that, it is likely that your not just your strings, but your racket too can break easily. The strings are attached to the frame of the racket. Hence, the tighter you pull the strings (i.e higher tension), the more load you are putting on the frame.

This excess load can cause your racket to break/ crack at any point of time. This happens especially during play.

Rackets strung at a lower tension tend to last much longer.

2. Clashing into other’s rackets:

It’s not only the beginners, but also the professionals who face the problem of clashing. Clashing is when your racket bangs into your partner’s racket during play.

This situation occurs quite often during a game of doubles. When both players try to hit the same shot, the possibility of them clashing rackets is quite high. This clash then causes damage to the racket. Not only the frame, but also the shaft of the racket can get damaged in the process.

If you are lucky, some clashes may just cause paint damage or leave your racket with a scratch. Despite these light clashes, one can still play with the same racket.

To avoid these clashes, being vocal on court and keeping up communication with your partner is recommended.

3. Miscontact:

Miscontact is when a player returns the shuttle from an incorrect part of the racket. This means, a person’s racket frame may have been the point of contact while returning the shuttle. Even a shot returned from outside the sweet spot of the racket is considered a miscontact or mis-hit.

When the shuttle hits the frame instead of the strings, it can cause damage to the racket. Continuous miscontacts can lead to permanent racket damage.

This is seem more in beginners who are still trying to get their hand set at Badminton.

4. Damaged/ broken grommets:

Grommets are the circular-ish tubes that sit in the holes around the frame of the Badminton racket. It is through the grommets that the strings pass.

The grommets play a very crucial role in protecting the frame of the racket. If these grommets weren’t in place, the strings would continuously rub against the frame of the racket, in an almost slicing action. This over time can cause permanent damage to the frame of the racket, making it unfit for play.

Damaged grommets cause damage to rackets. Hence, any loose, broken, or missing grommet must be attended to.


In order to protect your racket from damage, regular care and maintenance are required. Keep these above factors in mind in order to protect your Badminton racket.

Overall, even improving your game can help you preserve your racket for longer.