Why Keeping a Consistent Rhythm is Key When Batting?

Source: https://protips.dickssportinggoods.com/sports-and-activities/baseball/keeping-consistent-rhythm-key-batting

All good batters have a rhythm to their swing. A rhythm allows you to be fluid at the plate, create bat speed and deliver the barrel to the ball. You don’t want to be tense at the plate. Instead, your hands, arms and lower body should all be loose, ready to create a fast, efficient swing.

One technique that is suggested to create rhythm in your swing is to play music while batting. Use the music to help with loading your hands, taking your stride and finishing your swing. By doing this to the beat of a song, you can create better timing for yourself. This can even be done without a pitch. You can practice this drill at any time with headphones, or even just thinking of a song and playing music in your head.

Once players are more experienced (about 14 years and older), another drill to help work on your timing is by tracking pitches in the bullpen. While a pitcher is throwing in the bullpen, you can step into the box and use the pitcher as a timing mechanism. Remain relaxed while the pitcher begins their rotation. As they get into the delivery, you should work on proper timing with your load and stride. Your hands should be back and your front stride foot down, ready to swing as the pitch approaches the plate. Track the pitch all the way into the catcher’s mitt.

In this drill, you are not taking a swing. You are working on developing better rhythm that can be used on gameday. It is important to be on time with your swing. Better rhythm can lead to better swings and more solid contact.