How to Play the Badminton Jump Smash?


Why Play the Jump Smash?

The Badminton Jump Smash is the most powerful shot in badminton. A Jump Smash is a Smash performed in mid-air.

Why Perform the Jump Smash?

1. To create a steeper angle.

2. It is more powerful than the normal smash.

Step by Step Tutorial

1. Get into Position and Adopt the Forehand Grip

Move quickly and get BEHIND the shuttle. Adopt the Forehand Grip. Stand firmly and maintain good body balance. Ideally, your body should face sideways. Both your feet should also point towards the side of the court. DO NOT tense your body muscles. A common mistake among casual players is that they tend to subconsciously tense their body muscles while doing the badminton jump smash. Tensing your muscles will restrict the mobility of the muscles. Therefore, you won’t be able to perform a maximum swing.

2. Raise your Racket Arm and Non-Racket Arm

  Stretch out your Racket Arm as far back as possible. At the same time, raise you Non-Racket arm to counter the weight of your Racket Arm.

3. Jump into the Air

Use your Racket Foot to push your body up into the air. Relax your body. Do not tense your muscles. Take a deep breath. Extend your chest to the widest extend possible. Stretch out your Non-Racket Arm. Gently bend your legs to the back. Remember not to force this move. It should happen ‘naturally’. When your body have full balance in the air (by stretching out your Non-Racket Arm) and as long as your body muscles are relaxed, you’ll naturally lift your legs for more power.

4. Hit the Shuttle at the Highest Point Possible

Time your jump! Ideally, you want to start your swing at the peak of your jump. This should also be your highest contact point with the shuttle. Remember I say get behind the shuttle? Hitting the shuttle from behind will naturally direct the it downwards. As you swing your racket forward, retrieve your Non-Racket Arm back to the side of your body. Explosively contract your Abs as hard as you can. If you have strong abs, your smash will be hard. As you contract your abs, lift your Racket-Foot forward. Again, this will happen naturally if you contract your abs as hard you can. The purpose of doing this is to increase the speed of your swing; kick in explosive power into your stroke.

5. Follow Through, Land, and Maintain Body Balance

After you hit the shuttle, Follow Through with your swing. Shuffle your Racket Foot forward while in the air. Your Racket Foot should be placed in front as you land onto the ground. Maintain body balance and recover.

Important Tips/Advice

The Badminton Jump Smash requires a lot of practice. At the beginning, It’s not easy to correctly time your jump. It’s also common to lose balance when you’re not familiar with the technique.

Practice is the only way to perfect your jump smash. Make sure that you get the sequence right. Aim – Jump – Stretch out your Non-racket arm and lift your legs – then swing!