10 Great Benefits You Get When You Play Badminton

Source: https://www.badmintonpassion.com/benefits-when-play-badminton/

Badminton is the most popular sport around the world because it is not for any class of people, but at any age, whether young, old or young, you can play. Moreover, badminton also has good benefits for your health.

According to scientific studies in the world, if played correctly and often, badminton will bring a lot of benefits to players. Here are the benefits you get when playing badminton:

Release energy

Playing badminton is a sporty way of exercising and consuming more energy than running, cycling, aerobics. Players have abundant energy, optimism, and high confidence.

If you play in the morning will help you have a good spirit of work, and if playing in the evening will help you clear up the stress tired after a day of work.

Good for the cardiovascular system

In addition, badminton is good for the heart. The whole body movement is accompanied by the techniques such as bending, tilting, rotating … create a comprehensive movement for the muscles, promote all activities in the body circulation, enhance blood circulation function and respiratory system.

According to statistically significant studies of the sport, the heart rate of the player is always higher than the average person at about 75-85 times per minute… This also means that playing badminton will help your heart to move better and stronger.

Make your bones stronger

When you play badminton will increase the bone density, reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Especially for older people with high levels of osteoporosis when playing this sport will help the body reduce crises and osteoporosis due to age. Note that you should choose the game that has the strength to suit yourself.

Effective weight loss

When you play badminton, the legs, hands, abdomen, waist are moving all the time non-stop session, sweat a lot.

Especially the more powerful the blows, the more you consume a significant amount of calories. This helps you to lose fat and firm your muscles.

Help to improve eyes

Everyone knows when playing this sport will help us refine the reason is extremely simple.

In a match, the two sides need to observe the movement of the opponent and observe the path of the bridge.

Therefore, the eye must observe the object at high speed, causing the eyes to expand and shrink.

It promotes blood circulation in the eye, improves the function of the eye muscles to improve our eyes look better.

Minimize the risk of injury due to age

This daily exercise helps strengthen muscles, helps protect joints, improves body balance and lasts longer.

This will help you less fall and break your bones when you are older.

Fast reflex

With fast-paced spins, one must have quick reflexes to support the bridge if he does not want to lose.

Therefore, people who have a preference for playing badminton, the sensitivity of the reflexes will increase rapidly as you practice regularly.

This will help you to have faster reflections in work as well as other external activities.

Reduce the risk of illness

As everyone knows, playing sport in general and badminton, in particular, will enhance the health of the players.

So when you practice and play badminton regularly you will have a good health, have a great resistance to the disease daily.

Low risk of injury

This is a very safe sport compared to many other sports. In this sport, the player uses the racket to hit the opponent on the other side of the net.

There is no competition between two people who happen to play football. And no heavy equipment is used so there is less risk of collisions or falls.

Connecting friends, family members

Whether professional or not, there is a high resistance. Double, single or play for fun, you also have reasons to have the laugh, the moment of suspense and the opportunity to relax reassuring between the return phase. It gives you more new relationships, associates your friends and colleagues together.

What is more wonderful when friends, relatives also play badminton every evening or holidays. It can help improve communication and relationship building, make family members closer, spend more time together, and get better health.