Baseball Hitting Skills:
Having a Routine


Having a routine when at the plate can do more than ensure you’re ready for the next pitch. Being comfortable in your stance and approach can lead to more confidence in the batter’s box and allow you to focus on the incoming ball.

Every athlete’s routine is unique to them, but there are a few universal tips that can help you relax at the plate.


“We recommend starting with a deep breath to relax and then stepping into the box with the back foot first, planting it where its comfortable and then bringing in the front foot,” former professional baseball player Steve Bernhardt says. Taking that breath can help clear your thoughts before stepping into the box. Planting your back foot first can allow you even more time to get your mind ready. Additionally, this prevents the pitcher from rushing you with a fast delivery.


Once your feet are set, you should follow your process with some large rhythmic arm movements. This is to help you become more relaxed and ready for the pitch. Some examples of common arm movements include:

1)Slow half-swings at waist level.

2)Swinging the bat in a circular motion.

3)Swinging the bat back-and-forth.

After a few large movements, go ahead and follow up with some smaller rhythmic movements. “This keeps the hitter relaxed in their stance as they get both eyes on the pitcher ready to see the ball out of the hand and do damage,” Bernhardt says.

Remember, your routine at the plate will probably be different than your teammates’. Find the right steps and motions to get you relaxed, athletic and confident in the batter’s box. Use these hitting Pro Tips to help you get your rhythm and develop a routine for smooth, successful swings.