Baseball Hitting Skills:
The Two-Strike Approach


Battling through an at-bat can be a grueling experience, but the payoff is worth it. Flipping the odds and getting a hit with two strikes can be a great momentum boost for your squad. That’s why having a strong two-strike approach at the plate is an important piece to any player’s batting profile.

According to former professional baseball player Steve Bernhardt, there are three modifications you can make to your batting stance to help your chances when battling with two strikes.


Choking up on the bat can be a good first step in employing a two-strike approach. Typically, your bottom hand rests above the knob on your bat’s handle. Choking up moves your hand placement up a little, giving you a shorter swing. Bernhardt notes that choking up on the bat can give you better bat control and quicken your swing to the ball.


“Next thing we suggest is a slightly wider stance,” Bernhardt says. Having a wider stance in the batter’s box can help your balance and limit movement, especially when trying to keep your head still. Less movement can translate into a smoother, simpler attack on the ball during your swing. Everything is streamlined and focused on making contact.


The final change you can make to your hitting approach with two strikes is to stand closer to the plate. Some hitters prefer to move their stance in closer to home plate in order to cover more of the strike zone. “Also, most pitchers try and get hitters out away [from the plate],” Bernhardt says. “So this gives [you] a chance to kind of set [your] sights on the outer part of the plate and react to anything in.”


Regardless of which change or changes you make to your swing, your two-strike approach should be accompanied by a desire to succeed. Having an “I will not strike out” mentality can help you stay determined to record a hit. “Battle, try and put the ball in play, and put some pressure on the defense,” Bernhardt says.

Having a two-strike approach at the plate can help you get the most out of each at-bat. Don’t give up and look to put bat on ball with these hitting Pro Tips.

Your two-strike approach shouldn’t be the only swing with some direction. Having a routine at the plate can help you build confidence and consistency in your hitting.