Baseball Throwing Tips: The Throwing Progression


Your throwing progression is important to repeat every time you are playing catch so you can properly warm up your arm. To start, stand relatively close to your partner with your feet facing them. Toss them the ball only using your wrist, like you would to throw a dart.

Next, spread out a little farther for a non-striding throw. Face your shoulders and hips towards your throwing partner and get into an athletic stance. Throw the ball to them in your typical throwing motion, but keep your feet planted. You can rock back on your hind leg for some rhythm, but do not move your feet.

After a few rounds with a non-striding throw, lengthen the distance between you and your partner to practice a couple striding tosses. Maintain the same athletic stance, with your shoulders and hips facing your partner, but incorporate a step or two to increase the load and rhythm of your throw. From here, lengthen the distance again and switch from a step to a small shuffle.

The last drill of your throwing progression will be a long toss. Using your entire body for momentum, take a few steps towards your partner and really drive your legs toward your throwing partner. It’s important that you know the distance you can throw the baseball. You should be able to throw the ball on a line so that your partner can catch it with ease. You do not want to throw the ball with a high arc.

Using this progression will allow you to warm up your arm properly and also work to gain arm strength and accuracy throughout this process.

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