Effective Tips for Regular Badminton Racket Maintenance

Source: https://www.nydhi.com/blogs/news/effective-tips-for-regular-badminton-racket-maintenance

If you are a badminton player, your most important tool is your racket. You spend several dollars on the badminton racket. And, its not just about money. You have to spend your time and dedicate many hours in finding the racket of your choice. So, when you find a badminton racket that offers you the best performance, you must take care of it. Keeping the racket clean and stringing it regularly are just a few things that will help but there are several other things that you should be doing to keep your racket in top shape.

Bag it up!

The way you store your racket can have a great impact on its durability. If you leave the racket in a casual backpack with your badminton gear and clothes, it won’t do much good. Leaving the racket in a damp place will create a negative impact. Always store the racket in a well-cushioned bag. Shop for a quality badminton racket bag that offers proper cushioning and support to your precious rackets. If you live in a place with extreme temperature changes or travelling to one, it is best to buy a thermal-lined badminton racket bag to protect the racket and strings from damage.

Strings Attached

Badminton rackets can work well if the strings are in top condition. If the string tension is not according to your standards or the strings are broken, you cannot expect excellent performance. So, it is essential to ensure the correct string tension of the badminton racket. How often do you restring your racket? The string will get loose over a period of time. The rule of thumb says that you must restring the racket as many times per year as you use the racket per week. But, do not stick to the rule. Consider your playing style, playing conditions, intensity, etc. before you make a decision.

Take Care of Grommets

Grommets are essential to prevent the string from the sharp edges of the holes. If the grommets are missing on your racket, the string will come in direct contact with racket frame and it might break easily. It can also happen that if the racket is strung at high tension, the string may damage the racket frame. Grommets can get damaged when you use the racket to pick up the shuttlecock. So, inspect the racket frame and ask a professional stringer to take care of grommets.

The Matters of Grip

Whether you are a professional badminton player or a recreational one, take care of the grip. Do not ignore the fit of the grip. If it doesn’t match your standards, change it immediately. There are different grips available in the market to suit needs of players. Choose one that fits your requirements and change it every couple of weeks.

If you are playing in humid conditions or you sweat a lot, change the grip regularly. A humid grip is a breeding ground for bacteria. The sweat can damage the wooden handle of the racket and reduce its life span. So, it is essential to keep the grip clean and dry.

A Few other Things

a) Keep your racket in a dry, cool environment to avoid damage to the frame and strings.

b) Do not use the racket to scrape the feather birdie off the floor. It can lead to cracks in the racket frame as well as damage the grommets and string.

c) You can make use of racket frame protection tape available in the market. It can help you to increase the head weight of the racket.

Your job doesn’t end by buying the most expensive badminton racket. You must ensure that the racket is in top shape. Protect it from damage, keep it moist-free and do not forget to ensure regular maintenance. If you take necessary steps for protecting your badminton racket, you will be able to use it for a very long time.