Helpful Baseball Drills for Throwing Practice 


Throwing is a fundamental movement of baseball as well as various other sports. Unfortunately, the throwing motion doesn’t always come naturally, but with the proper tools and practice, players can improve their mechanics at home and on the field. Before getting started, players must have a glove handy, a baseball, and someone on the receiving end of the ball. Players should stretch out their arms to prevent injury as well as ease into a quick warm-up to be better prepared for throwing practice. There are many different drills that can improve throwing skills. Some of these drills include the “High-Five” drill, “Around the World” drill, and the Knee Throwing drill. 

The “High Five” Drill 

The “High Five” drill is useful for those pitchers and players who struggle throwing through the ball. To start, the player will stand shoulders toward the target. The player should bend his front knee while also putting emphasis on the back foot. The arm should make an “L” shape, with the elbow up shoulder high. A coach or other player will create pressure by placing their hand on the throwing hand of the player with the ball. The goal is for the player to finish the throw through the coach or other player’s hand. 

“Around the World” Drill 

The “Around the World” drill works on infield throwing, preparing for gametime situations. The goal is for the ball to go around the baseball diamond before the runner makes it home. During the drill, players should focus on accuracy and following through. The catcher will make throws to second and third base. The second baseman and shortstop will throw the ball to second base (second will cover the bag when the shortstop fields the ball and vice versa), while the third baseman and first baseman will make throws to home plate. During the drill, the catcher throws the ball to second base, which then gets thrown to first base. First throws to home, home throws to third, and third throws back home. 

Knee Throwing Drill

Another helpful drill is the Knee Throwing drill. This particular drill focuses on keeping your glove, eyes, and ball on the target. A lot of players struggle to keep their gloves in front of them. The ball will be thrown in both short and long distances. The players will position themselves on their knees opposite to their partner. When the ball is thrown, it emphasizes where the glove should be placed upon the release. The body is squared off similarly to how one would throw if they were standing up. 

Get Prepared for the Big Game with Baseball Drills

There is always room for improvement when it comes to baseball mechanics. With the “High-Five drill, the “Around the World” drill, and the Knee Throwing drill, players can continue to work on their throws and be prepared for when the big game comes. Need a little extra assistance? At ThrowBetter, we reinforce the correct arm angle and proper shoulder rotation that is perfect for all ages with our tool. Its design teaches players to stop pushing, quit aiming, and start throwing. With our tool, you’ll be increasing velocity, improving accuracy, and reducing injury in no time. Reach your arm’s full potential, and throw better.