How To Become A Master At The Badminton Net Shots?


You’re probably familiar with badminton serves and a few other shots, like the clear shot or the drop shot. But few people are proficient at making net shots. And by getting good at these, you can snag a few quick points when the opportunity is just right.

So how do you get good at net shots? Well, here are a few tips to help you out.

1) Good Footwork

Good footwork is essential if you wish to make great net shots. By getting into position quickly, you can anticipate the trajectory of the shuttle, and this will help with landing an effective return shot.

To improve your footwork, keep moving around on your side of the court, even when the shuttlecock is on the opponent’s side. This will keep your feet loosened up and allow you to move quickly when the shuttle comes over to your side.

You can also practice by standing near the back of the court and telling a friend to serve you a net shot. Try to get to the front of the court before the shuttle reaches the highest point during its flight. By getting into position, you’ll be able to return the shuttlecock with ease.

2) Racket Control

To master the net shot, you must have total command of your racket. Besides being able to hold and swing it correctly, you also need to know how to perform slice shots as these help score quick points.

By gaining mastery over your racket, you open up a number of ways in which to play net shots.

Besides this, make sure you buy a racket that suits your gameplay. If you prefer powerplay, you’ll need a racket with a heavier head, and if you have a more controlled style of play, get yourself a racket with a lighter head.

3) Time It Right

Net shots are all about timing, and the right move at the right time is all it takes to score a quick point. The best time to hit the shuttlecock is when it is at its peak height, before it begins to fall due to gravity. This will allow you to generate maximum momentum with your shot.

You also need to watch your opponent and determine the right time to engage in net play. It’s best to engage in net play when an opponent manages to return one of your drop shots, as this will force him/her to change position very quickly. Another opportune moment is when your opponent serves a net shot as this will allow you to return with an aggressive net shot.

Learn Other Techniques

These are 3 basic techniques to improve your net shots and your net play in general.

Besides these, make sure that you’re learning everything you can about the game, as this will improve your overall understanding of the game, which in turn will improve your net play.