How to hit smash in badminton? 


Smash is the hit when the shuttle from the opponent has the path is upward with the time when the shuttle in the highest position.

The smashes have great power, straight line, fall to the ground with great power to the enemy.

It can be said that the score recorded in the badminton match largely from the smashes (not counting the points we get by the opponent self-defeating).

Depending on the direction of the shuttle to the right or the opposite with the handle the racquet we also have the following hits: forehand smash and backhand smash.

Forehand smash

A few notes in forehand smash:

– Have to hit the shuttle from the top and the front. As high as possible to reduce the attack time, the drop of the shuttle as close to the net, forcing the opponent to be in the posture, can only lob the shuttle or drop shot. Therefore, in general, the jumping smash will have a higher impact than the normal smash (no jumping).

– The hand that holds the racquet at the beginning is a little contraction, when the racket contact the shuttle is straight out, then move hands by inertia in front to maximize the power of the shot.

– Use all three joints (shoulder, elbow, and wrist) in the forehand smash to get the most power.

Backhand smash

Implementation stages:

– Preparation stage: When the enemy to hit the need to judge the direction and drop point of the shuttle, quickly turn around, moving the foot back to the left. The last step is to use the right foot to cross the foot to the bottom line at the left side, the back opposite the net. The center of gravity falls on the right leg so that the shuttle falls on the right side of the body.

– Hit the shuttle stage: Before hitting the shuttlecock, quickly converted into a backhand grip, hold the racquet in front of the right chest, the face of the racquet upwards when the shuttle contact. Note: When using the final strength attention should be paid to the coordination of pressure on the edge of the thumb with the force of wrist flap. The endurance exercise must have a smooth coordination of the whole body with the kicking action of the legs and the rotation of the body.

– Finishing stage: After the smash, the hand that holds the racquet can follow the momentum of the inertia in front and down to the left and then collection the racquet in before the body. At the same time, the left leg backward, the right foot steps forward in the center of the shift from the hind legs to the front.

A few notes in backhand smash:

– Backhand smash can also be applied when done with jumping to smash. Based on the above requirements, do good preparation, then the right foot to jump up, quickly turn around on the air and complete the swing action. The stroke was completed in a short time when the bridge at the top of the air began to fall.

– Need strong power before the smash, when the racquet contact with the shuttle, the angle between the racquet and direction the smash should be less than 90 degrees.