How to Hit the Badminton Backhand Drop Shot?


Badminton backhand drop shot is a steep angle shot performed from the rear court to your opponent’s fore court.

Step by Step Tutorial

1) Move into position and adopt the Backhand Grip.

2) Keep your Racket Arm as close as possible to your body. Make your your body is relaxed.

3) Bend your knees slightly. This will make you feel more comfortable.

4) Perform the Overhead Backhand stroke. Use some wrist action to direct the shuttle downwards. Make sure you complete your swing. Avoid hitting the shuttle by merely ‘touching’ it.

5) Take the shuttle at the highest point possible.

6) Follow through and recover.

Why Beginners Fail to Master the Backhand Drop?

This question not only applies to the backhand drop. It also includes all backhand shots. So let me rephrase: Why beginners fail to master the Badminton Backhand?

1) Incorrect Backhand Stroke Technique. The quality of your Backhand Drop depends on how well you perform your Overhead Backhand Stroke. Look at it this way, weak strokes produce weak shots.

2) Slow in Switching to the Backhand Grip. It’s very important that you switch to the Backhand Grip especially when you’re hitting Overhead Backhands. If you’re slow in switching, you’ll have less preparation time. Then you might not be able to take the shuttle at the highest point.

Fast or Slow Drop Shot?

Remember there are two types of Drop Shot; the Fast and Slow Drop Shot?

As a beginner, I’d recommend learning the Fast Drop Shot. Forget about the Slow Drop for your backhand.

When I perform my Slow Backhand Drops, I’d slice the shuttle a little. Slicing is an advanced technique. And I wouldn’t recommend you to learn it unless you have very good basics.

Important Tips and Advice

1) Common mistake. When hitting the Drop Shop, do not just ‘touch’ the shuttle and call it a shot. Hit it with a complete swing using the proper Overhead Backhand stroke.

2) Do not use the backhand unless you are really forced to. Smart opponents will always try to hit the shuttle to your backhand area. Always try your best to take it with a forehand shot.