How to Improve Your Baseball Catching Skills?


Catching is a very important position in baseball, however its importance is sometimes underrated. Fans admire players who are good throwers or hitters, but at the same time catching plays as almost as big a role in winning as hitting. It is a very demanding position, both physically as well as mentally. The ability to catch is an integral part of being a baseball player. Here are a few baseball scoreboards tips you can use to hone your catching skills.


There are a number of drills that can improve your catching skills, and they help you practice a variety of catching scenarios. You can improve your catching skills with the help of various drills like three-base drill, foul line relay, angle drill and first base drill. Have someone throw a variety of balls so that you can get the grip on each and every catching position.

Improve your Eye-hand coordination

Another way of improving your catching skills is to improve your eye-hand coordination. Your hand and eye should be in sync while you are about to catch. There are certain drills to help you improve this coordination. One of them requires you to stand three feet away from the wall. Toss the ball at the wall and when the ball bounces back you should catch it with your gloved hand and then throw it back at the wall again. Do this drill 25 to 30 times daily to improve your eye to hand coordination.

Fingers direction

You should know which way to point your fingers when you are about to catch. One important tip to remember is that your fingers should point up when the ball if above your belly button and you fingers should be down when the ball is below your belly button. When the ball lands in your hands your reflex reaction should be to close the glove around the ball.

Rightly position yourself

You should be in the right position to catch a ball. You can lessen the chances of dropping a catch if you catch in the center of your body with both hands. If it is a low catch then you should have a lower center of gravity which means you should get your body low and keep your head down to catch successfully.

Practicing these tips on a regular basis will surely make you a better catcher. Improve your catching skills and your team mates will love you! These tips and drills will make you a better catcher and you too will be applauded by the fans just like the great hitters in your team who strike the ball out of the park for home runs!