Managing Your Energy Level: Baseball Coaching Tips

Coaches wear many hats in baseball. They’re educators, mentors and counselors. Another important responsibility that rests on a coach’s shoulders is setting the tone for your team. Maintaining positive energy in baseball practices and games can influence how your players perform on the field. Learn the importance of bringing that spark every day with these coaching tips.


Your energy level can be vital to your coaching abilities. Just like any other task in life, if you’re not investing a lot of energy, performance can suffer. When it comes to coaching and leading young athletes, your energy can influence their interpretation of the game.

Former professional baseball player CJ Beatty says your coaching energy should be ready to go at morning’s break. Think back to the excitement you felt when you first earned the role. That exuberance should hold true whether it’s your first season at the helm or your last.

“If you can just continue on why you became a coach – that first time you got the role and you said you wanted to change the world – open that bottle up every time,” he says. “Bring your energy out there because the players are feeding off of it.”

Having a positive mindset on the diamond can help influence your team in the right ways. If you show up with a passion for the sport, they can be more inclined to follow suit. Athletes who are enthusiastic for the game and willing to progress can be easier to coach. It can make finding success much easier when you have a roster sharing a common mentality.


When analyzing your coaching energy, it’s also important to realize you’re not just influencing your players. The energy you bring to the diamond can also be transferred to your supporting coaching staff. If they see you taking a nonchalant approach to training, they might feel less invested in the team as well. “They believe in the leadership. It starts at the head of the snake,” Beatty says.

Positive energy can help fuel your entire team morale. If you put the effort in to lead by example, this can open the door to more trust in your staff. If everyone is sharing the common mentality, you can trust the work everyone is putting in during practices and games. Having everyone on the right path can make managing a roster of athletes easier in the long run.


A final note to consider on the importance of bringing the right energy is understanding the standard you’re setting. Beatty says to try and keep a positive environment and preach the right message, even if you’re facing adverse situations.

“A lot of times even when you are wavering with your beliefs, the energy is what’s going to keep your players’ fire,” he says.

The impact of coaching with positive energy can be important, especially to young athletes. Leading by example with strong morals and practices can even translate into environments away from the diamond. Leave a lasting mark on your roster and help your players discover how far the right mindset can carry them. Be the spark your team needs to enjoy the season with these baseball tips.