Pitch Perfect: Essential Pitching Mechanics

Source: https://protips.dickssportinggoods.com/sports-and-activities/baseball/pitch-perfect-essential-pitching-mechanics

Throw better pitches and get more outs with these three key pitching fundmentals.

When it comes to making that perfect pitch, there are three keys: stay tall, stay back and stay closed.

Watch as DICK’S Sporting Goods Tech Rep Josh Muecke demonstrates how to throw a correct pitch. First, create an optimal pitching angle from the mound. Muecke says pitchers should stay tall on their back leg and use the mound to their advantage to achieve a well-executed angle going to the plate.

Next, stay back. Pitchers shouldn’t lead their throw with their shoulder. When you lead with your shoulder, you cannot achieve the right throwing position. Remember, your goal is to keep the ball down and to the ground.

Finally, stay closed. Try to keep your elbow, arm and shoulder aligned with your target as long as you can.