Singles Tactics That You Can Use To Win The Match


Looking for badminton singles tactics? Winning or scoring points against your opponents in a game of singles can be quite hard and frustrating. In the beginning, it might not be as easy, but if you have a strategy and a plan, then winning and scoring points becomes very easy.

Beginners specially get upset when they lose and they must have heard a lot of people say that they should keep trying and not give up easily. While that stuff is good to advise, there are other aspects that one should attend to as well. Like technical aspects and strategies.

aving a plan and strategy in place will help you improve your game which will lead you to win more matches.

Having said that, nothing comes easy. You have to commit yourself to get better specially in an individual sport where you are completely reliant on yourself and abilities to perform better.

Use these tactics to start scoring points in a match:

#1. Displace your opponent:

A lot of people think, “Okay, I’ll hit a hard smash and get points”. This is absolutely wrong. There is time and place for the mighty smash. Let the rally begin, make your opponent move around the court, bring him to front, send him behind, keep him out of place and you will get a chance to finish the rally, either by smashing or by playing a smart stroke at the right time.

#2. Understand your game:

Knowing what type of game suits you and sticking to that will help a lot. Decide whether you are an attacking player or a defensive player and stick to that. Do not try and do what makes you come under pressure.

If you are a defensive player, that means you like to rally a lot and then look for an opening to finish the shot.

On the other hand, if you are an attacking player, you like to put pressure on your opponent and make him make the mistakes.

Both are good strategies, but you should decide which suits your style and stick to that.

#3. Play corner to corner:

Playing your shots in the far corners within the bounds of the singles court can prove to be very advantageous for you. This is because you are making your opponent move in every corner of the court, making him cover maximum ground. This will help you not only displace him but also tire him out.

Another area where it will help you is that it will buy you more time to think of where you should place your next shot.

#4. Do not be in a haste:

Do not think that points are won by smashing. While the smash is a very powerful shot, that is not how any game can be won. Be patient before smashing. Give yourself a chance to create an opening. At times it does get hard to score points against your opponent and you may feel the urge to continuously smash to get points. But instead be patient, you will manage to score if you play smart.

#5. Vary your strokes:

This is something all good players and coaches will tell you. Variation in your stroking ability is a must. This will catch your opponent by surprise. Sometimes play or drop sometimes a toss, sometimes a half smash.

This will keep your partner confused and he/she will have to be ready to take up all shots. If you keep for instance playing the drop shot, he/she will easily understand how to play against you and how to gain points against you. Then scoring points for you is going to be hard.


These are the most fundamental and basic tactics one should use to score points against their opponents. Practice these and see a difference.