Types of Shots in Badminton

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If you’re a beginner in the game of badminton, you might be clueless about the types of shots in badminton. This is because the badminton game can be pretty challenging to master. However, knowing the various shots and the special terms used to describe these shots is the first step to becoming a better badminton player. This post explains the multiple shots in badminton to get you started.

Serve Badminton Shot

A serve in badminton is the first shot you get. Therefore, you need to effectively hit a serve with an underarm hitting action upward. The mistake most people commit is trying to hit a tennis-style serve when playing badminton. The serve shot in badminton is one of the essential types of badminton, and as a badminton player, it’s vital to master it.

If you can hit a good service, you get an edge in the rally, and you could win a point. It’s crucial to master a serve shot because your opponent could capitalize on it by hitting an attacking shot if it isn’t so good. It could be pretty difficult to recover from the attacking shots.

When you shoot a weak serve, it will give your attacker an opening to easily attack and take a point. Therefore, you have to learn how to hit a perfect serve. There are various types of serves like flick serve, high serve, drive serve, and low serve. A trick you can use in badminton is to use the different types of serves to confuse the opponent.

The Badminton Smash Shot

Amongst the different types of shots in badminton, we have the badminton smash shot. It is one of the popular shots in badminton and is popular as an attacking shot. The smash shot in badminton is powerful and speedy. You have to hit it from high up in a downward direction to the contender’s court. Since this shot requires lots of power, it comes with many risks.

You need to exert a large amount of energy, and the chances are that you’ll lose some control while playing. Therefore, body balance is essential when hitting a smash. The idea behind a smash is that you need to move behind the shuttlecock quickly to hit it to the highest point. This allows you to hit the cock at a sharp angle downward. Therefore, ensure you’re comfortable before you hit the badminton smash shot.

Clear Shot in Badminton

The clear shot is also known as a lob and is quite a defensive shot. This badminton shot is played by players when they try to shield against an attacking shot from the opponent. It helps them return the birdie to return to the base position and get ready for the next shot.

The goal behind the clear shot in badminton is to hit the birdie high up in the air and way over the net to land on the rear end of the contender’s court. If you can successfully hit the clear shot, it becomes a perfect defensive clear.

This shot is helpful when your contender chooses to shoot attacking shots, and you feel under pressure. You can hit a clear shot in such a scenario so that while your opponent tries to hit the next stop, you can settle down. In addition, you can use this period to correct your footwork and return to the base.

Additionally, the clear shot in badminton can also be a clever way to make your contender go to the rear end if they’re near the front area of the court. Amongst the various types of shots in badminton, the clear shot is quite essential and is relatively easy to execute.

The Drop Shot in Badminton

The drop shot in badminton is usually used to deceive the contender. Players typically have to execute this shot from the rear of the court to hit the birdie just after the net. The goal is to make the other party think you’re trying to hit a clear or a smash shot. This will make them prepare to move towards the rear end of the court to anticipate the birdie. Instead, you can simply hit a subtle drop shot that lands just beyond the court net. The drop shot badminton offers throws your opponent off balance, getting you a point.

Even if the contender successfully returns the shuttle, the chances are that the return will be feeble. This will ensure you’re ready to play the next shot by exploiting the rear end and mid-court, which will be open.

Unlike the defensive clear shot in badminton that slows down the rally pace, the backhand drop shot helps to main the rally pace. You won’t hit the birdie at a high altitude, making it hard for your contender to react in time. The reaction should be immediate, and the opponent needs to respond quickly, which will increase the rally pace.

The Drive Shot in Badminton

This is also a fast shot that players play horizontally across the net. This type of badminton shot is usually played from the middle of the court and helps you maintain or increase the rally pace. When a player hits the perfect shot in badminton, they need to pass it over the net in a horizontal path quickly. You’ll often see that the contender will return the birdie using a drive shot since there is hardly a better response to a fantastic drive shot.

The drive shot could be flat, defensive, or offensive. The type of drive shot you’re trying to play determines the shot’s direction. You can also play it with either your backhand or forehand. There’s a need to maintain a straight and flat racket face when you want to hit a drive shot.

Net Shot

Amongst the different types of shots in badminton, the net shot is excellent for creating openings and dominating the front court area. When you can hit a perfect net shot, your contender will have to play a high lift or badminton clear shot. This allows you to hit a smash to win a point and end the rally. There are various types of net shots that you need to learn in badminton, and some of them include net kill, tumbling net shot, and defensive net lift.


We discussed the different types of shots in badminton in this article. Although there are many others, these are the basic and most important types of shots you need to learn. Once you master these shots, you will notice an improvement in your badminton game skills. You can also watch international matches to see how expert players use this shot in a game; this will help you improve your knowledge.