How to Control Your Slice in Golf?


The slice is one of the main problems golfers face. Although it is not overly difficult to straighten out your shots in theory, the ability to do so on a consistent basis is difficult.

Perhaps the most difficult part of controlling a slice is retraining your body to abandon its bad habits when swinging. This can only be done with practice and patience.

Step 1

Do not reposition your body for a quick fix. Although some people think that controlling a golf slice can be done by turning their bodies, aiming off target and hoping the ball slices its way to the fairway, this only sometimes works and does nothing to fix the mechanics in the swing that are causing the ball to slice in the first place.

Step 2

Place your feet shoulder width apart. Imagine there is a straight line that goes from your shoulders to your feet.

Make sure that both your feet and shoulders are lined up correctly along this line. Swing a few times in this position while practicing before you approach the ball to strike it.

Step 3

Approach the tee and swing. You must change your back swing if you want to even out your shots. Many of those who slice balls do so because their back swings go too high.

When swinging, stop your back swing when your hands reach your shoulder. Stopping at this point will put the club in the proper position for a straight hit.

Step 4

Do not move your wrists during the back swing. A wriggly wrist is often the culprit of crooked shots.

Step 5

Imagine there is a golf ball 3 inches in front of the tee.

In addition to hitting the ball on the tee, adjust your swing so that you “hit” the imaginary ball as well. This will keep your shot straight and help reduce the probability you will slice the ball after it is struck.