How Important Is Overgrip for Beginners and Child Players?

When first starting out, all we want to do is grab a racquet, tennis balls and hit the courts. Beginners and child players just entering the world of tennis don’t really know much about the tennis gear involved and that’s perfectly normal. Parents taking their kids for a first tennis lesson usually don’t know much about tennis gear either. Truth is that it’s not easy to invest and buy all the tennis gear without guidance from an experienced tennis player or a coach, as the choice is very broad, yet it’s important to choose the correct and fitting equipment for each player.


When it comes to tennis beginners, there are some must-have items to get. These include a quality tennis racquet, tennis shoes, tennis balls and overgrips. First three might seem obvious. Why overgrips? When playing tennis for the first time, you’re bound to get blisters on your hand. This can cut a perfectly fun game of tennis short. When you purchase a racquet from the store, it comes with its base grip. You need to wrap an overgrip over it for two reasons: to preserve the base grip and to make the racquet handle more comfortable. Overgrips add softness, tackiness and various performance enhancements. Playing with a fresh overgrip on your racquet helps you keep your hands safe from unwanted blistering. Also, it just feels awesome to play with a new overgrip on the racquet. Being a beginner doesn’t mean that you should play with any kind of racquet and a worn out overgrip. On the contrary, you need a proper gear to feel inspired to push through the first few sessions when getting a hang of the basics. After all, tennis is one of the most demanding sports to get started due to its intricate technique and mechanics involved.

Child players

Children approach tennis in a much different way than adults. They’re not bothered much with competition, ranks, medals rather they just see tennis in it’s essence which is – having fun on the court. Tennis is a fun sport to play. Children should always be motivated by the joy of the game, and then positive competitive results will come on their own.It’s important that child players get nicely fitting tennis gear for their age. They need a racquet that has a grip size that fits their small hands. They also need a fun looking gear. Looks are really important to child players, much more important than to adults. If you’re an adult, playing with a green instead of a blue racquet might not make any difference for you. For a child player, it makes a world of a difference. 

This is where overgrips come in really handy. Overgrips come in all kinds of colors and fun designs. They can completely change a look of the racquet. Having a cool looking overgrip will surely inspire a young tennis player to spend more time on the court and to practice harder. If you’re a parent, you can use overgrips as a motivational award for your kids achieving different goals such as regularly attending tennis lessons or learning new shots. Overgrips also provide all important cushioning. This is extremely important for child players as you don’t want to see blisters forming on their gentle hands. Make sure that you change overgrips at least once a week on your child’s racquet. Overgrips can make an old racquet feel new again. Not only do they look cool, but they also provide performance benefits. Overgrips prevent racquets from slipping when hitting shots, so child players avoid potential injuries this way. They also absorb sweat and harmful vibrations produced when hitting the ball. There is no better feeling than seeing a child run around and hit that fuzzy yellow ball on the court with a huge smile on his or her face.

Start right, stay motivated

When starting out with tennis, it’s really important to do it right. This is because tennis is not an easy sport to get started with, and many get discouraged on a first try. When starting out, make sure you use a decent racquet that has fresh strings and overgrip on it. Use a can of new tennis balls if possible. This will make your first tennis session as enjoyable as possible. If you start right, you’re bound to get inspired to do it again, and again. Tennis is all about repetition and the more time you spend on the court, the better you get at the game. Use overgrips to enhance both feeling and cushioning for your first tennis session. If you’re a complete beginner, than your hands won’t be used to holding a racquet. This is where overgrips help with keeping the racquet stable, while absorbing sweat and vibrations. They will make each hit feel a bit softer, which is what you want for your first sessions.

Use overgrips on rental racquets

When a player is starting out, usually he rents a racquet in a tennis club. Here is a useful tip for you: ask if they can change the overgrip for you. For a low cost (sometimes even free!), they will be happy to change the overgrip on the rental racquet for you. This makes the rental racquet feel like new. More importantly, the overgrip will be clean and you’ll be the first one to use it. Rental racquets usually have old and dirty overgrips, which is not very motivating for players just starting out. Just wrapping a new overgrip on a rental racquet changes everything and makes the deal of using rentals much more appealing.

Overgrips are often underrated. Beginners don’t know they even exist, yet they make so much difference. These thin wraps can make a racquet feel fun. They can make a racquet feel like new. They can make a racquet feel comfortable. They can make You feel confident holding a racquet and hitting the ball. Take advantage of personalizing your racquet while enjoying all the benefits overgrips bring to your game.