Top 10 Reasons To Play Tennis

You can play tennis for life

If you’re still not sure if tennis is the right sport for you, than you should definitely consider this benefit of playing tennis: you can play it for life! That’s right, tennis is the one of the rare sports that you can still play when you turn 50, 60 or even 90. Seniors do need to adapt their game to their age and fitness, but it’s still perfectly playable and everyone can enjoy it. Gardnar Mulloy is famous for playing senior tennis circuit well into his 90s.

It’s a perfect workout

When playing tennis singles, we burn anywhere between 350 to 700 calories per hour. Tennis can help us lose weight as well as build and tone muscles. This is truly a whole body workout, that is also so much fun along the way. Something you can hardly achieve at the gym. Tennis is known to have positive effects on lowering blood pressure, improving endurance, burning body fat and generally improving overall health.

Meet people, make new friends

Tennis is very social sport and you’ll always find a bunch of people hanging out in tennis clubs, even when they are not playing tennis that particular day. You can meet a lot of interesting people through tennis, make friends and even expand your business network through connections you make on the court.

Train your mind

Everyone who ever had any contact with tennis knows that this game is as mental as it is physical. Famous tennis players have said that we sometimes win or lose matches before even stepping on the court. Tennis helps us train our mind to deal better with pressure, to make quick decisions and think tactically. This in turn keeps our brain hot and in full motion whenever we play tennis. What is the last time you trained your brain?

Tennis is good for the whole family

This is a great game for the whole family to enjoy together. Playing doubles is really fun and the skill, fitness level or any other factor of the individual family members in this case doesn’t really matter that much, as the game promotes teamwork and provides a healthy dose of competition and challenge.

Reduce stress

If you have a stressful job, then tennis is perfect for you as it provides you with an aerobic exercise that works out your whole body. This kind of workout reduces stress hormones and not only that, but endorphins start flowing too, and those are responsible for making you feel good. Tough tennis points bring a dose of stress of their own, so this is a perfect sport to get involved with as it teaches us to deal with stress better and dissipate any potential long lasting effects of it.

Have fun and be happy

Research by USTA shows that tennis players are generally more optimistic persons in comparison to others who do not play tennis or any other sport. You’ll rarely find a tennis player that isn’t smiling or being cheerful. This is because the game is inherently fun, it gives us a great workout and a healthy dose of satisfaction when we win great points or matches. Even when we lose, we start feeling happy again soon afterwards as every tennis match is a new opportunity for success and trying out something new.


There are lots of competition opportunities when it comes to tennis. Kids can start competing early on in so-called 10s tournaments that accommodate multiple levels of play, matching up the skills and age of young tennis players. Professionally speaking, there are country specific tournaments, ITF circuits, ATP and WTA tours. Recreational players can enjoy local leagues, tournaments or friendly matches. If you like to compete, than tennis is a perfect sport for you and the best thing is - you can compete at any age, no matter of your skill level.

Become a better person

Tennis is one of those sports that promote sportsmanship extensively. All tennis trainers give their best to teach their students of the importance of sportsmanship, being fair and respecting your opponents. There is so much to learn in tennis, that just overlaps to our daily lives and it can change us profoundly in a positive way. Through tennis we learn how to deal with pressure, how to make better decisions, how to work in a team and respect our opponents. We also learn to lose, as well as cope with success.

Spend more time outdoors

If you start playing tennis, you are guaranteed to be spending a lot of time outdoors. This is a big benefit of training this sport as most of us do spend too much time indoors, working in the office or doing housework. Tennis session allows us to relax, get a tan and catch a break while spending time in the fresh air.


Tennis is a great sport for everyone to enjoy. We hope that benefits we have listed will convince you to at least give it a try. They say that tennis is not an easy sport to get started with technique wise, and although that may be true, you’ll be surprised how addictive it becomes just for the sheer challenge of mastering those beautiful looking shots. Usually those who do start playing tennis, never stop and always return to it later in life.