[X-Dry] Ridged Pickleball Overgrips (4-Pack)
  • SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR PICKLEBALL PADDLES - this Alien Pros pickleball overgrip griptape will go on your existing pickleball grip perfectly for its right size and lengths (no scissors required); they are super easy to install (instructions on the back of the package), precut and ready to go - in less than a minute your racquet will feel like brand new with Alien Pros pickleball griptape; just wrap, seal and play
  • UNIQUE DESIGN FOR BETTER PICKLEBALL GRIP CONTROL - the ridged surface of these Alien Pros paddle tennis or pickleball paddle grips will make your grip slightly bigger and much sturdier; they generate more friction that is good for you to hold on to your grip and perform better! (see picture for reference)
  • LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK at Alien Pros we strive to be the best grip solution for all racquet sports in the Galaxy, if you are not 101% satisfied with your product simply let us know and we'll make it right for you
  • DRY FEEL, ABSORBENT AND NON-SLIP created by pickleball players for pickleball players, Alien Pros paddle tennis grips RIDGED DRY will absorb sweat while giving you an ideal dry feel with absolutely no slip; if you prefer a tac/ sticky feel, please check out our RIDGED LIGHT TAC version below
  • VALUE PACK OF 4 GRIPS this item contains 4 overgrips for pickleball paddles; each pickle ball grip is 1 inch wide, 35.4 inches long, this size is made specifically for pickleball grip. Each tennis wrap grip tape is made of high quality PU that gives a slighly sticky feel with vibration dampening to prevent injury

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