[Special Offer] Alien Pros (16-Pack) Golf Grip Wrapping Tapes G-Tac
[Special Offer] Alien Pros (16-Pack) Golf Grip Wrapping Tapes G-Tac

[Special Offer] Alien Pros (16-Pack) Golf Grip Wrapping Tapes G-Tac

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  • THE HASSLE OF REGRIPPING IS FINALLY OVER: With Alien Pros Golf Grip Wrapping Tapes, you can simply peel, wrap and seal, no solvent or kit needed. You can regrip anytime anywhere you want. No more shop visiting needed. In less than a minute, you will have a brand new, functional golf club grip with the style of your choice.
  • FEEL IT AND ROCK IT : A new regripping solution proved by thousands of golf players all over the world. You may play wearing no gloves because your new grip is sweat abosorbent and anti-slip. It also works in all weather conditions and last a significant length of time.
  • LOVE IT OR HAVE YOUR MONEY BACK at Alien Pros we strive to be the best gripping solution in the Galaxy, simply if you are not 101% satisfied with your product let us know and we'll make it right for you
  • SHOW OFF YOUR UNIQUE STYLE: Tired of all golf club looking the same? With our products, you can choose a fresh new club style that speaks who you are. If you ever change your mind, simply regrip by yourself anytime and anywhere!
  • PACK OF 12, WORKS FOR ALL CLUBS AND SIZE: contains 16 golf grip wrapping tapes of the pattern specified in the picture. It is 1 inch wide, 47.2 inches long, 0.04 inches thick. Each grip is made of highly absorbent and ultra light material, working for all clubs and sizes - simply adjust the overlay part when wrapping to control the length and thickness of your grip.

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