Types of Serves in Badminton

There are four different types of serves that a badminton player should attempt to master in order to make her game play more diverse, keep her opponent guessing and help ensure victory. 

How to Improve Stamina in Badminton?

The fastest racket sport in the world, badminton demands high levels of strength, power and endurance. With competitive matches lasting at least 45 minutes, players need to be able to perform aerobically for long periods of time.

The Best Lightweight Badminton Rackets for Controlled Smashes

Certain racket qualities are more conducive to hitting controlled smashes, but players should regard them as general guidelines while shopping. Selecting the right racket is a trial-and-error process.

Materials Used to Make a Badminton Racket

Badminton takes its name from Badminton House, a royal manor in the English county of Gloucestershire where it is widely considered the formal birthplace of the racket sport. 

Effective Badminton Footwork: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Many people neglect badminton footwork because it might not seem important at all.  An effective and footwork provides superb speed and agility which enables the player to move around the badminton court swiftly and return every shuttlecock.

How to Play the Badminton Jump Smash?

The Badminton Jump Smash requires a lot of practice. At the beginning, It’s not easy to correctly time your jump. Practice is the only way to perfect your jump smash. Make sure that you get the sequence right. 

Badminton Backhand Drills – Improve Your Backhand

When we start out playing badminton, coaches and other mentors will tell us to try not to use our backhands, they might even not practice our backhands at all. 

What are The 9 Most Common Badminton Injuries & Can They be Prevented?

Playing badminton is good for us, it’s fun and it helps to keep us fit but like all sports, injuries will occur sooner or later. 

The Different Types of Badminton Shots and When to Use Them?

After mastering your badminton footwork, it's time to learn the different types of shots and when best to use them. Before we begin, it is good to understand the difference between a shot and a stroke.

Three Simple Tips to Increase the Power of Your Badminton Smash

One of the hottest topics I cover in my online coaching program is increasing power to your badminton smash. There are a number of simple adjustments you can make that will help you increase power and improve your accuracy in the smash.

Singles- Triangles Strategy Guide

Tactics are essential in more advanced games, and a good game strategy can allow you to move more efficiently on court while preventing opponents from playing offensively.

The most basic badminton singles tactic that suppresses the opponent’s footwork and strokes is the triangles strategy.

Gripping Techniques for Holding a Badminton Racket Properly

Are you new to the game of badminton? Want to become a professional player? Know the right way of holding a badminton racket. Learn badminton gripping techniques to become a master of the game. Understand the difference between forehand grip & backhand grip. Get ready to play like a pro.

Badminton: How to Master The Art of Backhand Smash?

In badminton, the backhand is one of the hardest shots to master. The smash is also a tough stroke to play well, so understandably the backhand smash is the most dangerous shot to learn.

Forehand Clear - The Essential Skill For Badminton Beginners

In all kinds of sports, there are basic skills that every beginner has to incorporate into their play. In badminton, the forehand clear is the first and most essential skill for novices to learn.

Badminton Positioning for Mixed Doubles Serve & Return

Failure to adopt a good position on court leaves the pair vulnerable to counter attack by the opposing pair. Good positioning reduces the options to achieve this counter attack and this, coupled with the delivery of a well placed serve, can make attacking almost impossible.

Badminton Doubles Strategy

A team’s positioning in doubles is usually determined by which shots the teams are choosing to make. However, there are certain times in a match when both teams should be in specific positions. 

How to Play Badminton Trick Shots?

A trick shot in badminton can win you a rally. It deceives your opponent to slow down their reaction or send them in the wrong direction.

Badminton Drills and Exercises for Improving Footwork

Footwork is one of the fundamentals of badminton, and I can tell you this, without good footwork, you will not be able to win because you can’t reach the shuttle.

Badminton Defense: Tips for Defending Powerful Shots or Smashes to Win Games!

Every player should be able to defend! It’s one of the most important skills. This page shows you a step by step tutorial on how to defend a badminton smash.

How to Hit the Overhead Badminton Backhand Clear?

Hitting the perfect Overhead Backhand Clear is never a simple task. The only thing you need to focus on is generating enough power to hit the shuttle from one end to another.

How to Improve Your Reaction Time in Badminton?

Reaction time can be improved with deliberate training and practice.

How to Vary the Pace of Your Badminton to Outwit Your Opponent?

No matter what standard of badminton you’re playing, there comes a time in a game when you need to try something different in order to outwit or outmanoeuvre your opponent.

Badminton Tactics in Doubles – Attack and Defence

In a badminton doubles rally you will either be attacking or defending, and it’s important to understand which tactical situation you’re in, where you and your partner should be standing, and the effect your shot will have on the situation.

The Deceptive Drop Shot: How to Catch Your Opponent off Guard?

When you’re on court facing an opponent with better physical fitness than you, fret not for fitness is not the only key to winning badminton games. Having the right skills and techniques play a large part too.

Warming Up for Badminton

A warm-up for both badminton training and competition should begin with some light activity to increase blood flow to the muscles.

Badminton Tips and Tricks

In badminton, doubles is the fastest paced sport. It has so many different aspects that it could potentially even be considered as a different game than badminton singles!

Badminton Strategies

Being able to use Badminton Strategies in your game is essential in winning you crucial points and games. 

6 Types of Badminton Shots

Once you have your gear ready, are familiar enough with the basic principles and rules of badminton and know how to hold your racket you are prepared to play.

Which are The Best Ways to Improve Your Badminton Technique?

In a sport like badminton, technique has a vital role to play.

Choosing Angles of Attack in Doubles

The choice of attacking shot angles is one of the most commonly misunderstood areas of doubles tactics.

How to Become a Master at The Badminton Net Shots?

You’re probably familiar with badminton serves and a few other shots, like the clear shot or the drop shot. But few people are proficient at making net shots.

Badminton Net Play

Badminton net play is a vital skill when you’re playing along the net with your opponent. This is a fairly difficult skill to master because you need EXTREMELY good control over your racket.

7 Common Causes of a Poor Badminton Backhand Clear and How to Correct Them

Without doubt, if you are playing with slow shuttles, it’s most likely you’ve developed all sorts of bad habits to hit a decent length whether on your forehand or backhand.

How to Hold a Badminton Racket?

The first thing you need to know if you are keen on becoming a good badminton player is how to hold a badminton racket.

How to Smash in Badminton?

If you only play badminton for fun, you might not realize that there’s more to it than hitting the shuttlecock (also called a “birdie”) back and forth across the net.

How to Play Badminton Doubles with a Weaker Partner?

We’ve all had it, the frustration that comes from losing a match when you were paired with a weaker player.

How to Wrap a Badminton Racket?

Wrapping a racquet may seemingly appear to be an easy task but it is not as easy as it is presumed to be.

How to Hit the Sweet Spot in Badminton?

Hitting the sweet spot is something you develop over time. It’s something everyone struggles with at the beginning but gets easier as you progress. 

These Lower Body Warm-Up Will Prevent You From Injuries

Badminton is a physically challenging sport that requires all our muscles to work together in a particular manner. To make sure that our muscles are active and are ready to work, a good and thorough warmup is a must.

How to Perfect Your Badminton Strokes?

When we pick up a sport, it is easy to just stagnate at a certain level and resign yourself to the fact that we will never be amazing at it.

Badminton Drop Shot Drills

The drop shot is one of the most useful shot in badminton. You can play defensive shots or offensive shots from almost anywhere on the court.

What is a Split Step? The Secret to Speed in Badminton

One of the keys to great speed in badminton is practising footwork.

How to Hit a Killer Badminton Smash?

Probably the most asked question, the most search topic and the thing the majority of people fixate on when they first start playing badminton.

How Does Serving in Badminton Work?

Serving as the first shot of the game is a very critical job to do. It has the power to develop the scoring in the rally.

How To Hit a Backhand in Badminton?

Every badminton player wants to hit that crisp stroke from one back lobby to the other with absolute precision. 

How to Hit Smash in Badminton?

Smash is the hit when the shuttle from the opponent has the path is upward with the time when the shuttle in the highest position.

String It Strong: Tips for Restringing Your Badminton Racket

Do you feel that your shots are losing control? Are you unable to hit the shuttlecock like you used to do in the past? 

Effective Tips for Regular Badminton Racket Maintenance

If you are a badminton player, your most important tool is your racket.

Badminton Footwork and Position on the Court

Badminton is a quick and complex sport to master. There are a lot of aspects you should pay attention to.

How to Improve a Short Serve in Badminton?

The short serve, especially in doubles, is a key technique everyone should learn.

What Muscles Does Badminton Work?

Are you keen on knowing the answer to the question of what muscles do badminton work?

Using Clears to Create an Advantage

Clears are an essential tool for moving your opponent away from their central base, establishing pressure in the rearcourt, and opening up the forecourt and opposite side for potential attacking shots.

How to Perfect Your Badminton Strokes?

When we pick up a sport, it is easy to just stagnate at a certain level and resign yourself to the fact that we will never be amazing at it.

Good Footwork For Better Play

Good badminton footwork is the reason why professionals make a game of badminton look graceful and effortless.

Starting Right - How Crucial is The Serve?

As the service marks the start of every rally and subsequently dictates its flow, it is a crucial aspect of the game to get right in badminton.

Delivering a Deadly Smash - It is All in the Technique

In a split second, the shuttlecock pierces through the air downwards to the opponent’s ground to the vehement cheers of the crowd, signifying a point scored.

How to Choose a Badminton Racket?

The racket is your most important badminton equipment. 

5 Ways to Improve Your Agility and Speed in Badminton

Agility and speed are critical to your badminton success.

Exercises and Remedies to Treat Flat Feet for Badminton

Flat feet was always something that harmed my badminton and sports performance significantly.

Badminton Net Shot Drills – Improve Your Net Play

Having great net play in badminton is what allows you to play offensively and force your opponents into tight situations.

Different Uses of a Badminton Clear That Improves Your Game

The badminton clear is one of the first shots you’ll learn when you get started playing badminton.

Fun Badminton Game for Kids

It’s often very difficult for a child to play badminton. They haven’t grown the muscle and sometimes they’re only as big as a racket.

5 Badminton Exercises that Will Improve Your Performance

Badminton is a sport for all ages and all skill levels. Therefore, it is easy for a beginner to start with a sport like Badminton.

These Lower Body WarmUps Will Prevent You From Injuries

Good and thorough lower body warmups are a must for Badminton, a physically challenging sport that requires all our muscles to work together in a particular manner.

4 Easy Ways to Improve Badminton Serve

Most non-professional badminton players are satisfied once they get the hang of the game.

The Various Types of Badminton Racket Grips

When selecting a badminton racket, most beginners miss out on one of the most important aspects of the racket – the grip.

What is The Best Badminton Diet to Consume before Playing Badminton?

Every dedicated athlete knows that what you eat is directly related to how you perform. And things are no different in the case of badminton.

5 Tips That Will Improve Your Wrist Action Remarkably

Thinking whether wrist action can make a significant change. Find out how improving your wrist movement will make a huge difference.

Singles Tactics That You Can Use To Win The Match

Looking for badminton singles tactics?

4 Tips for Faster Smashing in Badminton

A badminton smash is a powerful manoeuvre that’s played from your rare court down in towards your opponent’s mid court. 

5 Essential Tips to Increase Forehand Power for Smash

In badminton, to play all your strokes correctly a lot of things need to work together. You have to be quick, accurate and effective all at the same time to gain points against your opponent.

How Can You Play a Drop Shot Like a Pro?

The shot that’s least expected but can cost you a game- A drop shot!

5 Must Follow Ethics While Playing Badminton

Following ethics on the badminton court will make you a better player.

Surprise Your Badminton Opponents With These Amazing Net Shots

Find out how perfecting the net shot and kill can elevate your badminton game and help you surprise your opponent.

Do You Know All These Faults In Badminton?

In a game as competitive like Badminton, you definitely do not want to lose a point by making fouls or faults. 

Why do Badminton Rackets Break?

Badminton is a fast-paced game where players need to be extremely alert and quick in their reactions. 

Train Your Forearms in The Right Way

Having strong forearms is very beneficial specially when you are playing a racket sport like badminton.

How to Wrap a Badminton Racket? Detailed Instructions

Wrapping a racquet may seemingly appear to be an easy task but it is not as easy as it is presumed to be.

How to String a Badminton Racket?

If you are a badminton enthusiast, then you know that stringing a racket is an inevitable process. 

How to Serve in Badminton?

Serving as the first shot of the game is a very critical job to do. It has the power to develop the scoring in the rally.

Are Pickleball and Badminton Court Dimensions the Same?

Hello there, have you ever wonder about the differences or similarities between a badminton court dimensions and a pickleball court size?

10 Great Benefits You Get When You Play Badminton

Badminton is the most popular sport around the world because it is not for any class of people, but at any age, whether young, old or young, you can play.

Types of Shots in Badminton

If you’re a beginner in the game of badminton, you might be clueless about the types of shots in badminton.

Does Badminton Help Losing Weight?

Nowadays, everybody wants to be slim and have good body shape, but not everybody likes to go to the gym.

Why is Badminton Considered Similar to Doing Aerobics?

For most people, the idea of having both exercise and hobbies combined into one activity makes it easier to get them to work out. 

Guide to Badminton Referees

Each sport is governed by some rules that every player must follow. The sports officials in charge must enforce these laws.

How Does String Tension Affect Badminton Racket?

Badminton is an elegant sport and a lot of people across the world likes to play it.

Hit a Badminton Smash

Smash is the hit when the shuttle from the opponent has the path is upward with the time when the shuttle in the highest position.

5 Activities for Badminton Recovery after Intense Training or Playing

Recovery after any intense physical exercise or sport is crucial to your body’s health and performance. 

Badminton Rules and Regulations

Badminton is one of the fast-growing sports across the world.

How to Improve Control?

Whether you’re playing net shots, smashes, drops, or clears, no matter how much power you have, you won’t win any games if you miss all your shots.

How to Get Good at Badminton?

There are so many specifications in badminton for how you should play.

Badminton Drive

Drives are fast badminton shots exchanged horizontally right across the net.

Badminton Attacking Clear

The badminton attacking clear (or attacking lob) is basically a normal badminton lob, but with an offensive purpose.

Advanced Badminton Drop Shot

A cross court drop shot simply means hitting a drop shot diagonally across the court. 

How to Hit the Badminton Backhand Drop Shot?

Badminton backhand drop shot is a steep angle shot performed from the rear court to your opponent’s fore court.

6 Essential Tips to Hit a Powerful Jump Smash

The badminton jump smash is the most powerful offensive shot in badminton.

Improve Badminton Wrist Action for Better Control and Accuracy!

Badminton wrist action is extremely important in producing powerful shots!

Overhead Badminton Forehand Stroke

The overhead badminton forehand stroke is very common and is used most often in badminton.

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