The Most Important Muscles for Baseball

Baseball is a unique sport, relying more on skill and dexterity than physical strength. Due to their sport’s specific demands, baseball players use different muscles than other athletes. They don’t need the big, bulky upper body of football players or even the extensive lower-body development of hockey players.

How to Form the Best Pocket for a Baseball Glove?

New baseball gloves have a tantalizing leather smell when you first get them. However, because they are new, the leather is very stiff and unforgiving when you try to field baseballs out on the diamond. Additionally, the pocket of the glove has not formed and makes fielding the ball more difficult because the ball can bounce off of the stiff leather. 

Different Baseball Pitching Grips for Left-Handed Pitchers

Left-handed pitchers have a special place in baseball history. Sandy Koufax, Warren Spahn, Lefty Gomez and Lefty Grove are just a few of the outstanding left-handed pitchers in baseball history. Left-handers have the advantage of being difficult to read for most batters because batters see a lot more deliveries from right-handed pitchers.

What Position Can Left-Handed Baseball Players Play?

Left-handed players are often at a premium in baseball. A manager or coach wants high-quality left-handed pitchers and power hitters, yet there are relatively few positions for left-handed players to occupy on the field. There are no rules against lefties occupying certain positions, but tradition and practicality limit the positions they can play.

Should You Lift Weights Before or After Baseball Practice?

Weight training is a key component to baseball player development. Players at the higher end of the sport train year-round to build and maintain their sport-specific strength. But players must carefully manage their weightlifting regimen during the season. 

Baseball Hitting Skills: The Bucket Drill

Build rhythm and timing with this hitting drill to better your load and trigger. Hitters use a lot of tools and drills to perfect their swing. The bucket drill can be a great exercise for building a proper load and trigger that uses equipment not thought of as a hitting tool. 

Baseball Fielding: Outfielder Throwing Technique

An outfielder throws a little differently than the other positions on the field. Pitchers parallel outfielders, but infielders and catchers throw completely different. At the beginning of any discussion regarding throwing for an outfielder has to begin with the way that you grip the ball.

How to Protect Signs to the Pitcher?

Major League catcher Matt Treanor offers expert advice on the proper catcher stance and how to protect signs to the pitcher. The preciseness of this catchers stance is to keep the opposing team from stealing signs. It is important to keep signals between catcher and pitcher protected, concealed from the opposing teams eyes.

A Guide to Baseball Field Dimensions

When it comes to designing your baseball field, it’s important to make sure the layout and dimensions match the level of play the field is being used for (e.g. a Little League field will have different dimensions than a major league field). This helps ensure unbiased, consistent play across fields for athletes, keeping the game fair for all teams.

Managing Your Energy Level: Baseball Coaching Tips

Coaches wear many hats in baseball. They’re educators, mentors and counselors. Another important responsibility that rests on a coach’s shoulders is setting the tone for your team. Maintaining positive energy in baseball practices and games can influence how your players perform on the field.

Baseball Strategy

Baseball is a complex sport where strategy can play a big part. A baseball team's strategy can vary from game to game depending on the pitcher and the opposing team. The strategy can change during a game from situation to situation depending on the number of outs and the count on the batter. 

How Important is Speed in Baseball?

As Major League Baseball is happening these days with many upcoming matches, we thought that this post might be helpful for our baseball players out there. Baseball is a game that requires players to bat as well as field. This means that players need to show their skills both as hitters and as fielders too.

5 Strategies To Help Baseball Players Gain Weight

Your personal calories in (via food and drink) vs. calories out (via metabolic processes and physical energy expenditure) equation at the end of the day determines whether you are going to maintain, lose, or gain weight. 

11 Best Baseball Catching Drills

Being an elite catcher begins with strong training habits. Catching drills can cover a variety of areas including blocking skills, throwing advice and other traits associated with the position. Discover more with these 11 essential catcher workouts as you aim to become a better backstop this baseball season.

How to Hit a Baseball with More Power?

You want to know how to hit a baseball with more power? Well, before we do that, I'm just going to go ahead and leave this epic blast for your viewing pleasure. Take your time, watch this video, wipe the tears from your eyes, and then we'll get down to business.

The Skills Needed to Become a Good Baseball Player

So you want to know what skills you need to play baseball? In baseball, some are born with talents needed for baseball but most achieve greatest by determination.

4 Baseball Drills to Improve Your Base Running Skills

Enhance your speed and agility as you round the bases by practicing these four essential base running drills.

How to Become a Quality Baseball Catcher?

Catching may be the most demanding position in baseball, both physically and mentally. To be a quality catcher, you need to know more than how to catch the ball and how to throw the ball to second, you need to know the game of baseball.

7 Absolutes of How to Hit A BASEBALL

Every good hitter will do these 7 things on a perfect swing. 

How to Create Defensive Lineup Strategies for Youth Baseball?

It’s been said that offense wins games, but defense wins championships.

The Different Types of Baseball Pitches

Pitchers have their own unique pitching style that involves a combination of different types of pitches, speeds, and movements.

How to Improve Your Baseball Catching Skills?

Catching is a very important position in baseball, however its importance is sometimes underrated.

Increase Your Hitting Power With 4 Key Exercises

Hitting a baseball is one of the toughest skills in all of sport. 

Baseball Swing: Proper Hitting Mechanics

Proper hitting mechanics can take a long time and a great deal of practice to master. 

Baserunning: The Game’s Most Detailed Skill

Baserunning is often overlooked in baseball. It’s by far the game’s most neglected skill; one that is rarely prioritized and hardly ever developed.

Baseball Hitting Skills: Having a Routine

Having a routine when at the plate can do more than ensure you’re ready for the next pitch. 

Baseball Hitting Skills: The Two-Strike Approach

Battling through an at-bat can be a grueling experience, but the payoff is worth it. Flipping the odds and getting a hit with two strikes can be a great momentum boost for your squad.

Base Running - Every Player Can be Good at Running the Bases

Good teams are often judged on their ability to manufacture runs. What this means is they didn't string together enough hits (or any hits for that matter) to score a run.

3 Things to Know before Stealing Second Base

Three important things to know before stealing second base. If you know these three things, you will know whether you should challenge the pitcher and catcher and go for the steal.

The Best Defensive and Offensive Strategy in Baseball

Anything is possible when you have your head in the game and you want to win using the right methods and the teamwork.

How to Improve Your Catcher's Reaction Time?

Looking for a way to make your backstops quicker behind the plate? Here are two drills perfect for improving a catcher's response time and put them in a better defensive position.

Arm Health and Velocity Development for Position Players

Between on the foam rolls, lacrosse ball roll-out, dynamics, bands, wrist weights, shoulder tube and plyo balls for pitchers, there is an assortment of tools to help them get ready to throw. 

Reading Spin & Movement for Better Pitch Recognition

Reading spin & movement for better pitch recognition starts with understanding EXACTLY what each pitch typically type does after the pitcher releases the ball.

How to Improve Hand-Eye Coordination Fast?

One skill you must develop to become an elite baseball player is hand-eye coordination. Without it, you’ll be swinging for the fences and hitting nothing but air.

How to Play Outfield & How to Catch a Fly Ball?

How to catch a fly ball, ready position, crossover stepping, best route to the baseball, and other pro tips for how to play outfield

How to Steal Bases in Baseball?

If you’re wondering how to steal bases in baseball, knowing when matters just as much (or more) than how fast you are.

Catchers – How to Improve Pop Time? Fix These 5 Killer Mistakes

Catching involves many skills that are difficult to explain on paper… Things like receiving, framing, blocking, mental toughness and leadership have to be OBSERVED to be evaluated.

Working with Parents in Travel Ball

Managing youth baseball has plenty of ups and downs. While you might think that all experiences stem from on the field, they can oftentimes begin in the bleachers.

4 Essential Training Tips for Baseball Players

As one of the top performance training companies in the world, EXOS is always on the cutting-edge with their training. 

Tips on How to Care for Your Bat Properly

You need to take care of your bat. After all, you want to ensure that you get the most from it.

6 Excercises for Faster Running in Baseball

Speed is a highly valued commodity in any sport. Championships have been won by teams who have players that can perform like the speed of light.

Stay Safe on the Field with these 8 Baseball Protective Gears

Baseball is played with very few equipment that are one ball and one bat with gloves but the list of protective gears is extensive.

What Should We Do to Avoid Injuries in Baseball and Softball?

According to Doctors from Mayo Clinic, each year many athletes get injured while playing baseball and softball.

Different types of Baseball Slides and How to Perfectly Slide in Baseball

The slide is an action of a player that makes the player to slide on the ground when the base is near. 

Batting Stance in Baseball and How to Improve?

Some batters stand low while some high, some stand narrow while some wide; there are over eighteen unique batting stances in baseball that you might have seen in the baseball.

Top 7 Most Effective Baseball Running Exercises for Youth

Smart and sensible running provides the team with an amazing advantage that leads to winning. Not every team takes care of it which may alter the results of the game for them.

Baseball Catcher Tips: How to Properly Block a Ball?

When a pitch comes your way, you need the toughness to stand your ground and the agility to stop the ball from rolling out of reach.

Helpful Baseball Drills for Throwing Practice

Throwing is a fundamental movement of baseball as well as various other sports.

The Importance of a Level Bat Path

A level swing is an efficient swing. Learn how to take the kinks out of your arcing swing.

How to Use the Lower Body in Baseball Swing?

Have you ever seen a professional game of baseball? If yes, then you have seen the batsmen hitting with a lot of power.

7 Exercises to Increase Arm Strength in Baseball

Arm exercises, more specifically baseball arm workouts, are critical to any baseball player who wish to have a strong arm and play better.

7 Tips For How to Hit a Baseball Farther?

Hitting far is the crux of the baseball game when it comes to batting. And it is precisely on this point that many players make mistakes.

6 Tips For Playing Baseball In Hot Weather

Baseball is usually a summer sport which means that if you play baseball, the chances are that most of your games will fall in the summer season.

How to Use the Lower Body in Baseball Swing?

Have you ever seen a professional game of baseball? If yes, then you have seen the batsmen hitting with a lot of power.

8 Tips Catch a Baseball with Two Hands

In every sport, there are some fundamental techniques and stages.

Why not Play Baseball in the Rain?

Being one of the most played and loved game around the United States, Baseball is played around the year with most matches taking place during summers.

6 Tips For Playing Baseball in Hot Weather

Baseball is usually a summer sport which means that if you play baseball, the chances are that most of your games will fall in the summer season. 

Tips for How to Throw a Baseball in the Right Way?

Hope these tips help you develop stronger and more accurate throwing.

Bat Path – The Most Important Hitting Trait

Baseball is a game that constantly teaches if you are willing to learn.

Forehand Ground Balls

How to properly execute the forehand catch when fielding ground balls and line drives. 

The Mental Side of Hitting - Attainable Goals

Every baseball player struggles from time to time. In these moments of searching for answers it’s easy to fall into the trap of chasing hits.

Instilling Confidence in Hitters: Baseball Coaching Tips

Everyone has struggles. For baseball players, a slow start or drop-off in plate performance can leave them feeling down. 

Developing Your On-Deck Routine: Baseball Hitting Tips

The on-deck circle in baseball is your starting line. Your next steps to the plate begin your duel against the opposing pitcher.

Building Your Game Day Routine: Baseball Pitching Skills

For pitchers, game day requires plenty of focus and attention. 

How to Perform a Sacrifice Bunt?

A well-run sacrifice bunt can potentially be the difference in a game. Know how to correctly perform this feat with help below.

Why Keeping a Consistent Rhythm is Key When Batting?

All good batters have a rhythm to their swing.

The Benefits of Practicing with a Batting Tee

Keep your swing sharp and your hand-eye coordination on point by using one of the oldest and simplest forms of training aid: the batting tee.

How to Create a Load?

Get into a groove and begin to develop your load. Practicing good load mechanics with your batting routine could help add pop to your swing and some better connection between bat and ball.

How to Control the Lower Half and Backside of Your Body?

Batting is a full-body movement, and limiting your swing to just arm strength cuts your potential in half. Follow these drills to improve your lower half efficiency.

How to Finish the Play and Get the Out?

Use this 5-cone drill to develop your defensive technique.

Baseball Throwing Tips: Proper Arm Action

Throwing a baseball should be one fluid motion. Your arm action should be a consistent mix of efficiency and repetition.

Baseball Infielder Skills: The Second Base Double Play Backhand Feed

Ground ball got you down? Bounce back with these tips on a strong feed to begin your next double play.

Baseball Infielder Skills: Picking a Hop

Get the jump on your ground ball fielding with this helpful drill for picking hops and easier infield dominance.

The Shortstop Double Play Underhand Feed

Turning two in the infield can be a great momentum swinger for a defense. 

The Second Base Double Play Underhand Feed

Starting a double play as a second baseman can be difficult. After all, you don’t have the time to turn your body for a full toss to the base. 

Building Your Pre-Game Bullpen Routine: Baseball Pitching Skills

Pitchers warming up for an approaching start need to make the most of their time before the first pitch.

The Benefits of Paying Attention in the Dugout

Baseball players spend a good portion of a game in the dugout.

Developing Your Routine Between Pitches

A pitch can take less than a second to reach home plate. 

What It Takes to Play at the Next Level?

There’s always an end goal for baseball players. For some, that might be as simple as making their varsity roster. 

How to Create Separation on the Mound?

The Rhythm Drill emphasizes how the stride leg and throwing arm work together to create a fluid, consistent pitch.

How to Develop a Powerful Pitching Stride?

A main key to throwing strikes is to make sure that your direction is towards home plate.

The Four-Seam and Two-Seam Fastball

As a pitcher, you have two different types of fastballs: the four-seam and two-seam.

How to Create a Great Setup and Starter Step?

As a pitcher, you should be both balanced and comfortable when on the mound. 

How to Stay Balanced While Delivering a Pitch?

An integral part of a pitcher’s delivery is balance. 

Pitch Perfect: Essential Pitching Mechanics

Throw better pitches and get more outs with these three key pitching fundmentals.

Baseball Infielder Tips: How to Backhand the Ball?

Practicing the backhand play is critical to mastering this defensive move.

Fielding a Slow Ground Ball with Your Glove

One of the toughest plays for an infielder to make is picking up a slow roller, because the ball is not hit very hard.

Baseball Throwing Tips: The Throwing Progression

Your throwing progression is important to repeat every time you are playing catch so you can properly warm up your arm.

Baseball Pitching Drills: Pickoff and Stepoff Drills

Keep baserunners at bay by fine tuning your moves off the mound. Use these quick and simple pitching drills to help improve your pickoff and stepoff moves.

Baseball Pitcher’s Drills: Pitcher’s Fielding Practice

A pitcher’s fielding skills should be as good as their throwing skills.

Baseball Pitching Drills: Pause and Balance

Not having balance in your pitching windup can lead to problems on the mound. 

Baseball Hitting Drills: The Bunting Cone Drill

Bunting can be an extremely useful approach in certain circumstances. 

Baseball Hitting Drills: Indoor Soft Toss

For players looking for hitting drills that can help them build a consistent, high-performing swing, soft toss drills can answer the call.

Baseball Baserunning Drills: The Lead Off Drill

Make your first step count by getting a great lead off the base. Give yourself a quality start by practicing this base-stealing drill.

Baseball Catcher Tips: How to Catch a Pop-Up

Turning the right way and gaining the proper position are key steps to mastering this all-too-common play.

Baseball Catcher Tips: Primary and Secondary Stance

Catchers use a lot of detailed strategies to manage their demanding position. 

Baseball Catcher Tips: Throwing Advice

Catchers work hard to keep their opponent’s running game short and success in this position can come down to proper throwing technique.

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